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#Anonymous Caller, a advertisement for Procedural Perfection.

I make no apologies for being an Avid Forever Fan... Be warned it will appear Heavily until either I pop my clogs or ABC stops making it 🙈🙈🙈🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙀🙀🙀🙀. That being said...

However I thought I would take the timely opportunity to show new folk just how fantastic this show is by using the wonderful autumnal season finale as an example of why this show should be lauded and given more attention by TV execs and critics alike... 

Anonymous Caller (Ep 11)

The set up: Henry Morgan, Medical Examiner and utterly reluctant Immortal (due to an unfortunate incident onboard ship  when as Ship's Doctor, whilst in the process of protecting a slave from being murdered for being ill,he is shot 
and killed but miraculously comes back to life) is being stalked by an ominous voice on the phone who claims to also share Henry's "affliction".

 In this seminal episode Henry is kidnapped by the man he knows only as "Adam", after an act to irrefutably prove his own immortality, he then sets out to frame Henry for murder to force him to flee as he has done many times before in his 200 years.

This  storyline alone demonstrates how wonderfully the character works. Played beautifully by Welshman Ioan Gruffudd, Henry's act of altruism that begins what is arguably his journey into isolation and solitude is in fact an act of kindness 
and bravery when others would baulk.

When the series began, Henry was a loner with only one true friend, who knows his secret purely because from infancy Henry has been his adoptive Father. The origins of Abe is one of the sweet little nuggets writers have included in the 
show that I believe truly raises it above the ordinary.

Judd Hirsh, stalwart of quality US television has found a role here that allows him to play a part filled with Warmth, humour and the most interesting Father/Son Dynamic you will ever come across.

When it becomes clear that H is being framed by a dangerous Lunatic,Abe's insistence that he tell the team of Police that he has gradually become part of, is really the crux of why this particular show is just so good. Abe whilst older in appearance alone, embodies the idea of live life to the fullest and constantly attempts to pull Henry out of his  self imposed isolation.

Henry, a brilliant man even before he gets two hundred odd years to hone his 
talents, in a bid to shield himself from the dual pains of loss and rejection he 
has had to endure has become almost a hermit, only venturing out of his 
underground lab where he studies his deaths (he has had numerous demises) to the Police morgue where he further studies death in all it's  guises. 

He is helped by Lucas a brilliantly cast  Joel DavidMoore. Who is intrigued, awed and amazed with Dr Morgan and regularly and consistently amusingly tries to draw him out. 

Lucas is the bridge between Henry and the Police officers who will become so integral in Henry's re introduction to the world and all its highs and lows. Jo Martinez and Mike Hanson are brilliant in this. Alana De La Garza is beautiful as 
Jo, the newly widowed detective relying too heavily on a drink when they meet .

She too is drawn to Henry, who is inadvertently pulled into a case using his knowledge of rare poisons (which he uses on himself as a guinea pig).

This central relationship is played with such subtlety and the usual sexual tension is not pushed into the viewer's face as both Henry and Jo are recovering from the loves of their lives and so they are not seeking partners, but obviously both just crave friendship. As a unit they work well off of each other, and it is the obvious affection they have for each other which makes the ease with which  Jo, Hanson ( the lovely Donnie Kershawarz )and Lt Reece (Lorraine Toussant)yaccept Henry's explanation of events ,when Jo catches HENRY red handed with the planted Murder weapon, so believable.

Integral to this episode is the respect and grudging affection that Hanson and L.t. Reece have for Henry. Casting of these characters is also very clever. Both are brilliant at keeping their characters out of stereotype and cliches and make them warm and lovable even whilst exasperated by him!

My wish for the remainder of the season and on into any further seasons (HINT HINT ABC) is that we are able to examine this further. Without trusting him, it would have been impossible for Henry to stay in New York or for the amazing  end scenes that left viewers gasping and cheering their favourite Characters!! 

This episode also made the most of the #forever Lore that allows for female fans to smile over the sight of Mr Gruffudd semi naked  in most episodes. Every  time he dies, as he appears again completely naked in the nearest body of water, generally the East River! It also showed starkly that whilst he is bemused
by Henry and his haughty eccentricity, that Hanson rather enjoys ribbing him and the red speedos and swimming goggles that featured in the Police Station scene was a hilarious addition to what was a rather tense episode!

With the revelation of Adam and the confirmation that both he and Henry are immortal,this show can only go from strength to strength. I truly hope it will!

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