Thursday, 8 January 2015

Broadchurch, the town where intrigue festers around every corner.

I was so pleased to be able to sit down in front of the Tellybox to watch Broadchurch on its triumphant return from Awards glory!

SPOILER ALERT: Series 1 Killer revealed.

Taking up exactly where we left off, the residents of Broadchurch are gearing up for the committal hearing of Joseph Miller , Shock killer of Danny Latimer in the last season. Practically the entire town is bowling up at the Crown court  to watch the Latimer family get their closure .

David Tennant returning as the dour and sour Detective Inspector whose mysterious past appears to be about to be revealed... The question of why he would stay in the town after losing his job is valid and will be the cornerstone of the other strand of the series this time around. The mysterious Claire is gradually revealed as a massive figure from his past and will be the catalyst for another search for truth about the death and potential kidnap of two girls and the truth about the man lurking about on the hillside.

Much of what was marvellous about the first season is intact. Reporters  are still seedy and , townsfolk are all hiding something and it is only in the last few minutes that we are shown just what Mark is doing when heavily pregnant wife calls.

As evil Joe says "nobody is innocent, everyone hides things"

The stars are excellent here, with the wonderful Olivia Coleman stealing every single scene she is in, she makes the fallout of the revelations about her husband and the terrible repercussions that are
being felt in her life and those of the Latimers seem so honest and believable. Her reaction to Joe in
the dock was my favourite part of the show and her monologue to her psychiatrist was at once pathetic and hilarious as only Ms Coleman can manage.

The courtroom scene was a true testament to the glut of talent we have here in the UK . Andrew
Buchan and Jodie Whittaker  were a tour de force . Bringing to life  the unrestrained grief , anguish and rage felt by parents of a murdered child realising justice might not be done.

Newbie cast members, Charlotte Rampling and  Marianne Jean Baptiste bring some strong adversarial tension as the barristers on opposing counsels, with axes to grind over a shared past.

The appearance of Torchwood alumni Eve Myles as a woman under unofficial witness protection ,adds another frisson to her interaction with David Tennant whose relationship with his Charge has yet to be defined. I have my suspicions about Claire, but keeping them under my hat for just now!

The lurker on the hillside appears to taunt and I look forward to seeing how James D'arcey 's character develops, so far his ominous proximity to the crime is tantalising in the extreme.


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