Saturday, 10 January 2015

FOREVER: Brokers, Buddies and Breaking Down.

Told you I would be returning to the continuing adventures of Dr Henry Morgan in ABC's Forever.

A rather nice plot about high stakes city Brokers with William Baldwin at his most charmingly Smarmy! For me though the story took a back seat to the three more pressing areas  in this particular Episode ...

Abe & His Army Buddies

Abe recruits his friends to help find the killer of his friend's son, running an independent investigation, they hilariously infiltrate the houseboat of a suspect. Both Judd Hirsh and guesting star Clarke Peters ( The Wire and Treme ) are superb as the Vietnam Vetshelping out the buddy who looked out for them. As usual Abe steals every scene , his comic timing totally laser sharp.

Henry's return to work

After the cataclysmic events of the Pre-Christmas Finale, we find Henry adamantly clinging to to his assertion that he is fine and fit for work. Whilst his colleagues are pleased to see him, and it was heartwarming to see Lt. Reece, looking out for his welfare from afar and Lucas's evident joy when Dr Morgan pops up to sort out the body is palpable.Lucasrespects his mentor and it is great to see the obvious affection and devotion he has for Henry in the way he seeks to subvert the staid and safe ME that is filling in for him at the Police Morgue. Played as usual with much Comedic a Flair by Joel David Moore, we see more that without Henry's blazing brilliance outshining all comers, that Lucas is becoming a skilled medical examiner in his own right under his tutelage. When minor characters are allowed to blossom so nicely, it bodes well for the quality of the show. The writes know their characters and avoid all stereo types to create believable and grounded individuals.

It is obvious to Jo that things are not alright in the Morgan Camp. Her reaction to his extreme behaviour was one of the most emotionally engaging elements in this episode. The exchange they share, with both close to tears is dramatic acting of such high calibre, that I am surprised that ABC has not invested more in their prestigious talents to put this show in a more prominent slot.

The way that Alana and Ioan have created the relationship between Jo and Henry is what makes this show so strong and I believe, are being done a disservice by the folk obsessed with getting them into a romantic relationship. There is affection, love even but it is rooted deeper in shared experience, honest  worry about the other's emotional welfare and respect.

Abe, Abigail and Henry a Flashbacks.

It was this element of this week's show that for  me  offered some of the most honest and telling revelations about why having Abe as an anchor and Confident for HENRY is so ingenious . Henry's reaction to Abe's conscription, the anger only ever borne of heartfelt worry, the knowledge that war is needless loss of life and yet allowing his idealistic "son" the freedom to make his own choice was so beautifully played by Ioan Grufudd and the young man playing Abe in his youth, that I welled up. That Abe's sense of honour both then and in the present day is testament to the example that Henry must have set.


It is the juxtaposition  and the struggle of this inate goodness and fairness, against his guilt at being catalyst to a needless loss of life, that proves to me that this show is deeper and much cleverer than one might think when looking at it's premise on paper.

As next week's episode purports to be centred on Jo's unresolved issues with her husban'd passing,  and Henry offering her his support , I am gratified that the writers are sticking to their guns and keeping the moral integrity of the show we love so much.

ABC airs #Forever on Tuesday nights .

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