Saturday, 3 January 2015

Miranda, the programme I like to call... SUCH FUN!

Well Dearest Chums, it was the end of an Era... My Love Affair with a posh, gangly, clumsy giant of a woman  called Miranda began when we met her and her best Friend Stevie as they attempted to eke out a living from their little shop!!

Throw in a delightfully snobbish overbearing mother with an absolute obsession with getting Miranda Married off to keep up with her bourgeoisie pals. Played with absolute relish by Patricia Hodge, she is at once lovable and irritating. Such Fun!

The addition of Zany well to do friends , my favourite being Tilly who steals every scene with with some of the most interesting catchphrases ! My personal favourites being "flabbergastamoomoo" and "things are not Great Winslett" !

What really attracted me to this show though was the delightfully endearing will they/won't they romance in years... Knocks Ross and Rachel into a cocked hat!! Gorgeous Gary (the absolutely adorable Tom Ellis) upon whom ,
Miranda has had a massive crush since university is so obviously perfect for her . He cooks, he looks after her when she gets into myriad disasters  ( the time she becomes trapped in a park in just bra and panties and shields her blushes and lends her clothes is one of my favourites) and he obviously adores her and they almost get it on several times, but something or someone always puts a spanner into the works , normally Miranda herself !!
Gary in one of the many fantasy moments from the show!

The series was chock full of slapstick and humiliating vignettes for our heroine , a tall woman called "sir" more often than was really fair as M is actually a very handsome lady in a  "Sloane Ranger" 
kind of way! It made me feel better about my own propensity to clumsiness and I suspect that this is 
why a series with so few episodes became so beloved. Miranda was the personification of the insecure girl inside all women and the sort of girl most men actually adore, just much much bigger!

It was the central relationships, the people who accepted Miranda for who she was,  her insecurities and ability to get into scrapes, with aplomb , that made the show so special, so when the last series ended on a cliffhanger, two proposals at once, fans were on edge to know if finally Gary, her long suffering friend/ come soulmate would convince her they were meant to be together.

Split into two halves played out on Christmas Eve and New Year's Day  (testament to the esteem with which the show is held by BBC execs) this finale was at once  predictable and infuriating.  Just when 
we thought it would be happy ever after, we fell at the fence again! The underlying theme of this show, hidden by all the fun and frolics,  is that that true happiness can only come from our own feeling of self worth was there front and centre, it was only when Miranda was able to accept herself 
that we were able to get the ending we wanted! Suffice to say Romantics were not disappointed.

Spoiler: .   They get married !!!  There was much kissing !!! And the other Gary in Miranda's life made a cameo  - Mr Gary Barlow!!! The tearful goodbye from Miranda to us the viewer was the perfect adieu.

Result joyous galloping,whooping and happy crying in my living room!!

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