Saturday, 3 January 2015

The Theory of Everything

The first film of 2015 !!  What a lovely one at that!

The Theory of Everything is the much anticipated film about Stephen Hawking and the performance by up and coming Brit Star Eddie Redmayne is nothing short of astonishing!

Being Cambridge  Born and Bred, it always makes me happy to see the colleges on screen and the lovely first section of the film set as Stephen meets his wife and plans what to do his  doctoral theory on is classic Cambrian Fayre.

A star turn by the incomparable David Thewlis as the tutor who nurtures the already blatant talent inherent in the quiet and unassuming young Stephen, the callowness of youth making him take that talent for granted of course. It is only the chance attendance at a house party and a lecture that launches both his professional and personal lives quite literally into orbit.

Felicity Jones is luminous as Jane and I have only utmost respect for  the real Jane whose total readiness to stick by Hawking despite the dire prognosis and life expectancy  projected for the development of his motor neurone disease was inspirational.

Supporting cast members Maxine  Peake and Charlie Cox are also wonderful but it is the central performances here that held me rapt for the entirety of the film.  The film is honest about the effect Stephen's deterioration has on his marriage and Jane's emotional attachment to the widower who comes to be a home help and becomes so indispensable to all the Hawkings , is played with subtlety so that we never judge her for this. The arrival of a naughty therapist who energises Stephen and gives him the strength to set Jane free, is a release for everyone and so happily everyone can remain friends.

Much can be said about the physicality of Eddie Redmayne's performance, it is truly amazing, but it is the tenacity of spirit, the humour and to some extent the otherness of Hawking's intelligence  that really makes this role so arresting, the prison of  his body and ultimately his loss of verbal communication  makes the silent performance  of Hawking's brilliance even more stark.

BAFTAs and Oscars abound I am sure.

☀️ ☀️ tremendous!

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  1. Very enjoyable review, I must say!! The pix make it even better. Brava !