Friday, 23 January 2015

Why we love Henry - FOREVER PROFILES

Foreverists are bereft this week as ABC gave the Forever slot to this Obama fellow to talk about what a state he is in!

So I thought I would take the chance to just tell those who had not come across the Show just yet just who all the Hoo ha is all about! Forever is a great show but it is the central character that makes it so interesting!

Doctor Henry Morgan - played by Welsh actor Ioan Gruffudd

Dr. Henry Morgan  is 235 years old,  originally born in London . He was shot dead onboard  a Ship  where he was serving as Surgeon in the act of protecting a black slave, he was miraculously brought back to life and has been immortal for 200 years.  Unable to die however he meets his demise, he literally rises again in the nearest body of  open water.

When we meet him, he has sequestered himself away in a research cellar, come torture Chamber
where he studies death and dying in a bid to unlock' his curse of immortality. He can solve  practically any mystery, except his own. Working as a New York City medical examiner he helps the police both in the morgue and out of it.

Detective Jo Martinez, the officer who comes across Henry in the investigation of a train wreck where Henry is the only survivor, see his usefulness, and together with a team of detectives at the precinct, solve crimes. Henry has been through a lot, has seen a lot and made it his business to learn all he can about violent crimes and disease, giving  him excellent observation skills as well as a near encyclopedia  like memory accrued from two centuries of observation.

He has a deep understanding and empathy for human emotions. His empathy has been well represented in the series so far as his friendship with Jo Martinez began when he helped her begin to process her grief for her deceased husband.

He lives with his friend and confidant and adoptive son  Abe, in an antiques store they own together. 

They have a father & son dynamic unlike that on any other show.

He's intelligent, compassionate, charming...he's worldly smart, insightful, intense, but He also is very guarded with his feelings. His first wife was unable to deal with the enormity of his secret and had him institutionalised in a mental hospital where he was tortured so trust is hard to earn for Henry Morgan. It must have been hard for second wife Abigail to break into his shell and the fact both she and Abe knew his secret is indicative of how much he trusted her. as a result of  losing her in as yet an unconfirmed  way, you can understand why he might become introverted again.  He guards his heart as closely as his secret now despite the intrigue that seems to follow him and allure to women.

He dresses exceptionally well in a classic style and favours a scarf as his signature garment , his look is smart and precise. Quality is the name of the game from the scotch he drinks to the way he likes his tea prepared.

Henry's work is now hindered by the arrival of a man who claims not only to share Henry's affliction, but also to have suffered from it for 2000 years! His untimely meddling ended in Henry killing another human being for the first time in his very long life and the miasma of this act now weighs heavily on him... And that is where we are, keep watching Forever on Mondays and Tuesdays in Canada and USA respectively.

If the adventures of Dr Morgan entertain you, drop ABC a line... Tell them that we want the show to continue into a season 2 and beyond!

Thank you to the lovely folks in the Foreverist Group for Forever Fans on Facebook for their brainstorming on this topic.