Wednesday, 11 February 2015

A sense of Belonging... Forever!

Collectivism is any philosophic, political, religious, economic, or social outlook that emphasises the interdependence of every human being. Collectivism is a basic cultural element that exists as the reverse of individualism in human nature (in the same way high context culture exists as the reverse of low context culture), and in some cases stresses the priority of group goals over individual goals and the importance of cohesion within social groups (such as an "in-group", in what specific context it is defined). Collectivists usually focus on community, society, or nation. "

Why this rather wordy start to my weekly Forever blog?

Well fair reader, there has been a meeting of the fates and this lowly Forever Blog has become part of a bigger plan, be it fate or God's Will, but the book I am reading , the show I adore and my social activity have all aligned and this is the result...

The life of our beloved M.E. Became very coincidental last night, the "Body of the Week"  was none other than the little boy that Henry had been forced to conduct an impromptu (and ill advised , given the fact it was on a speeding train) apendectomy on whilst attempting to enjoy some conjugal bliss with Abigail on their Honeymoon. This rather rickety operating room was the reason Henry knew immediately that the older gentleman he was called into to examine  was the  King of Arkesh, the grown up version of the sweet frightened child, he and Abigail met all those years before. His exile in NYC is the starting point for this investigation.

Better writers than I, have written fabulous blogs on the Episode, so when considering what mine would focus on, I realised there was only one way I could go and that was to examine what I think was the underlying theme in the story, that of Belonging.

Literally everyone was examining their collective bonds in this one... Hanson was able to be part of the Clever Gang that Henry inhabits, Lucas has a timeshare and Hanson generally pops over to borrow a cup of sugar ( or leads as they are commonly known in Crime parlance) by some genius and Surreptitious digging, which made my little heart sing! The scene at the end with the Yak stew was testimony to the clan like thing that a police team can become and for once, he was alpha mal distinct in his enjoyment of said stew

Henry and Abigail were contemplating enlarging their brood ( in an exceptionally sensual love scene that made me exceptionally happy. ) Henry's fears at losing people precious and his worry that he had deprived Abe of an important part of life, that of being a sibling still warring within in him all these years later.

The illegitimate female heir whose orphan status appeared to have defined her, was able to not only create a place of belonging for her baby son and in a strange mirroring of past events able to become part of History repeated, part of a pattern , a heritage. Linked by Henry's assertion that in the face of mortal danger that both the king and the princess be brave as they are the child of a king, they entered a shared family history. This in turn to gave a sense of belonging to the Queen, whose inability to bring children to bear,palpably showed as an unspoken grief could become a mother and grandmother. This element of the story also elicited one of the biggest "Awww, how Precious moments" of this episode...

Of course the belonging that we were all talking about on Twitter and in groups across this world of ours, was the rather wonderfully revealed connection between Henry and Abe and their reaction to their discovery was hands down one of my top three favourite Abe/Henry  moments so far and had even steel hearted members of the household saying, "This show is really sweet!"

Belonging brought to bear in such a wonderful episode... There were moments of high tension and thrills and laugh out loud chuckles, all things we have come to expect from this superlative show that 
has created such a feeling of attachment in so many and here we move to the Collectivism part of this  piece...

Through watching Forever, I have become part of a collection of brilliant Human beings whose joint consciousness has become laser focused on one sole outcome (and one soul outcome too as well actually) that of the renewal of Forever into a second season. Through the convergence of three well run, and beautifully populated fan groups , I have joined hearts, minds and purpose  and become part of an organic and loving movement that fights solely for the furtherance of our favourite show.

The Admins of those groups are much more succinct as to how to add your voice to the shout of entreaty to the ABC group to Renew the show we adore, and that information will follow, but I wanted to a add a personal message of Thanks to the good men and women of the groups and the cast and crew of Forever, who have in various ways have become an extended family of sorts, we support each other's endeavours to promote the show, to cajole ABC to change or at least adapt their approach to the show, we share in the highs and lows of the plots and have shared and examined some outlandish theories! 

More than that though we have also supported each other through personal trials and joyfully enjoyed each other's happiness when things go well! Real Friendships have grown and respect for the diversity of talents within the group is palpable, like any machine, every moving part is vital!

So to the GREAT folks at:-

The Ioan Gruffudd Group
Foreverists Group for Forever Fans
The Official Alice Evans Appreciation Society. Find us on FACEBOOK

Keep on doing EXACTLY what you have been! Only through unity and consistent Community can we succeed!

Here is all the detail you need to join our group!! Come and BELONG. We need you and you will be rewarded in so many wonderful ways! 


  1. Emma, this is a beautifully written tribute-- you have a gift for clear expression (which is more rare than you might believe). I too thank the wonderful people who've started the above fan groups; and YOU are doing a marvelous job on the Horatio Hornblower Files page. THANK YOU!!

  2. Squishy Hugs all around to the Forever family (We're not just a fandom but a large friendly family). Nice review on the interconnectedness of the episode and how it relates to us all.