Saturday, 14 February 2015

Come the Revolution....

I have long thought Mr Russell Brand is a bit of , well a Male appendage! I also think Jonathan Ross is well an obnoxious Male Appendage, but then just before Christmas I saw Mr Brand on the JR show and something about the way he spoke about "change" piqued my interest...

It really was a revelation! Now I am going to be brutally honest , if swearing offends you might find this a  tricky read, but to be fair at least you know the book was written by Russell himself.  The book is funny and informative in the most revelatory way and I really suggest you read it to make up your own mind about some of the suggestions  for change he advocates in what was a surprisingly well researched and resourced book.

I always measure a book of this nature by if it keeps me thinking between readings and if I check back to reaffirm ideas or quotes and boy did I!

It is not anti establishment in the sense that if the structures  that we have in place were actually working for everyone, but even the most ardent lover of party politics, monarchy and worshipper at the alter of Capitalism will admit that it isn't and Brand's manifesto is simple.

Demand we look after the planet from "Cradle to Cradle" in other words look after it now and safe guard it for the future, treat all people with equality, share resources and attempt to re connect with the power of spirit that connects us all.

His claim is that Globalisation and capitalism has pushed us all into a ME ME ME attitude that has broken the bonds between us and our fellow man,woman and child and that those in power enjoy that power entirely because we allow them to do pretty much what they want because they are in charge. He claims that the power we afford them is not proportionate as they do not perform the duty we elected them for and that when you trace all things back that the world is controlled by such a small number of people with such utterly obscene wealth that the time has come to make a few changes!!

I implore you to seek this book out, it truly is one of the most thought provoking books I have read in a very long while!  You may not agree with everything, but I am certain some of the revelations held within will get you thinking and if it doesn't you are either the leader of a western superpower or riding on the billionaire's Fun bus, shame on you if you are!

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