Sunday, 15 February 2015

Missions, Misogyny and Marriage strife - Call the Midwife

You might have already realised how much I love Call the Midwife and the last episode was no exception!

We had all the mainstays of cosy Sunday Evening viewing , prostitution, sexually transmitted diseases , Sexism and Alcoholism. All joking aside, it was packed with issues this week.

Let me first address the subject of Trixie's Dependance on the odd drinkie every day after work. It has been pretty blatantly signposted since Christmas that this was becoming an issue for her, but her utter lack of trust in the fact that FiancĂ©  Tom would understand and support her is just a bit grating.He is a curate in the East End for Heaven's sake, he has seen a bit more degradation than a posh blonde drinking a little too much, he knew she was more refined than most of the girls roundabout and they would have muddled through their social differences!

I hope Tom wins her trust back soon, it will upset the gentle equilibrium of  my romantic heart.

The idea of nuns going out to minister to the less savoury parts of society is nothing new, but I loved the idea of a Sister Winifred going out to sort out the ladies of the night and trying to get in before their "Rush Hour" with poor old  Sergeant Noakes in tow! How nice to have your own personal Bobby on hand in times of spiritual need!

Then was the mother afraid of her husband's rejection if her child was not a boy to carry on the family name and business. His guilt at being the only  male survivor after the War seemed to be the root and perhaps some counselling there might have been more fruitful in the long run, but it all turned out well in the end!

My Favourite plot line was the wonderful way Sister Monica Joan and Mrs Turner were able to regain some sense of worth, both feeling superfluous and lost within the scheme of things, both 
coming to the aid of a woman in labour when the inebriated Trixie was incapacitated whilst on call. 

A solid Episode, but perhaps not up to the calibre of the previous couple of weeks!! Still worth a watch even when quality slips as the cast is quite inspirational!!

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