Friday, 6 February 2015

The Case for Forever: ABC Network needs to examine the evidence!

really have an axe to grind when it comes to the treatment of  show Forever by the ABC network. I am not exactly a old fogey, I can kick my heels up with the best of them, but it is just scheduled in a horrible slot!  The fact that despite a season of 22 Episodes was agreed, it has still languished in this Dead Zone too long, so I am here to give have a few choice words in the ear of ABC!!!

The show is not violent, there is no gratuitous sex, to this point there has not been one marital affair or even a whiff of anything distasteful in the showing of any of the murders, SO Why is it that it is relegated to a late night spot on a day when viewing is hard to maintain? I could understand if the show was filled with adult material, but  it just isn't! 

You can watch any kind of medical documentary on any of the "educational or real life channels"  and you will be met with more to turn your stomach in the average face lift, Tummy tuck or road traffic collision victim than any autopsy on Forever and yet it languishes in this late night position. Enquiring minds wonder why…

Could it be that ABC think the cast are not engaging with it's audience? Pick any random day on Twitter and run a search for the main cast members and you will notice a deluge of genuine love and affection for each of them because of the way the tropes for this kind of show have been blown out of the water! This is not teen adoration borne of peer hysteria because the cast is "Pretty" either, these are mature men and women who have connected strongly with the core cast so firmly that they feel like friends. 

Where other shows rely on stereotypical roles, Forever brings the kind of folk into our living rooms, you would want spend time with in real life! No tough cookie woman cop, fighting it out in a man's world... No here a grieving widow who is loved and supported by her devoted family man partner! No shouty Captain, chewing them out for every mis-step, instead a sensitive and caring lieutenant 
whose pastoral care is as impressive as her rank!  A medical examiner and his assistant where the aim is to teach and be taught rather than proving who knows more about the body...  And finally a Father 
 And Son Relationship unlike any other on Television today.None of the characters conform and that what raises this show well above others in this genre.

Can it be that the storylines are not clever or surprising? Well actually, NO! the beautifully refreshing thing about Forever is that the police do not diligently just plod through the motions, fingering a succession of potential baddies until the evidence points them at the right one.  Forever is better than that! The Forensic evidence here is always interesting and fun, with Henry's extensive historical knowledge giving the team the investigative edge as he saves hours of research! The investigations are the bones (pardon the pun) of the show, but the good juicy fleshy parts that keep fans coming back  are the interactions of the characters within the confines of those crimes. 

More importantly  I think it is  in ignoring the appeal that this particular group of characters has for a viewing audience older than the magical core demographic that I think ABC makes it's biggest mistake. The relationship between Abe and Henry is so complex and nuanced that it gently nudges at the emotional attachments of Sons, Fathers and Grandfather's alike. It is Abe's Zest for life, despite of or perhaps because of  Henry's condition which brings older viewers along every week and they are emotionally attached , people fear for Abe's safety more than any other character as evidenced by the Twitter buzz during "Anonymous Caller" and now again in this week's episode.

I  feel that it is such a great boost to the Show's profitability when peripheral characters are as much of a draw as the main characters and in a demographic not usually strongly represented, but  it seems ABC puts little store in their viewing habits!

Perchance might  some might think the Flashback Sequences Cheesy or derivative of older shows such as Highlander and that this is why ABC is not putting the force of its support behind the show.? Well I can Categorically say that due to Ioan Gruffudds considerable canon of Costume parts  in some critically acclaimed projects , namely "Amazing Grace " and the "Hornblowers"and his incredibly expressive face, he gives credibility and emotional depth to even the most hackneyed of scenario. Those a Welsh eyes really do hold a wealth of experience. 

The Forever writers have done a brilliant job of creating a series that appeals to all, the show may be hard to categorise and so perhaps it is this which has forced ABC to schedule it at such a ludicrous time, but I assert that given a more central position in an earlier slot, that the show will be a flagship for the network, quality like this SELLS  ITSELF if the people who would enjoy it are actually exposed to it.

I love the show and there is just too much to recommend it to allow the Dead Zone to swallow our Beloved Forever... ABC I am one voice, but I am one of many who support this show and want you to give it the respect it deserves!!

If you want to add your voice to the Renew Forever movement, use one or all of the following ways to Tell ABC how you feel!!


  1. Agreed 100% Emma. #Forever is delightful. There's an overall villian arc and weekly bad guys. And wonderful characters that have been fleshed out since the first episode or two to show much more depth and humanity. It's a very optimistic show as we follow Henry as he learns that connecting with other people in a meaningful way is what makes life worth living. Even after 200+ years of knowledge, Henry is learning new things and bettering himself. He's compassionate but flawed. The relationship between him and Abe is beautiful and very believable. I look forward every week to learning more about these characters. All of them. The main three, Henry, Jo, Abe, but also Handsome Hanson and Lucas and the Lieutenant. I'm keeping fingers crossed and keeping letters going. #Forever #RenewForever.

  2. Anna thank you for the comment and the solidarity!!