Friday, 1 May 2015

Forever finale.... Final push people, go to it!

Is it Passion or is it Obsession? I suspect a little of both come into play when it comes to the subject of Forever, the seminal "Police Procedural with a difference" that came from the ABC Stable this Winter and Spring.
I have written before about the reasons it particularly resonates with me and my presence in support of the show, its stars and the Renewal effort on Twitter is probably annoying to a great number of my followers, but when something this good is not given a fair crack of the whip when so much mediocre and pat programming seems to be renewed ad infinitum, it really sticks in my craw!!
My message today is simple..  If you love it and don't want to lose it, you have to USE IT!
We all need to be present and correct in front of our TVs on air day. In the USA I implore everyone to try to watch live or at least within 24hrs of airing for the Finale. I know twitter will explode with theories and reactions, but I truly believe the only way to force ABCs hand is to be an immutable force of viewership for this last episode.. It matters not how many pictures or memes we post, if we do not get bums on seats… those voices become hollow, so begin today… PLAN to be available for the whole episode, get all the chores done beforehand , call around all your friends to remind them its on in advance…
French viewership for the show has been phenomenal and British Viewership is strong and we can reinforce the demand for the Show for a foreign market, but is the core US/Canadian views that really ABC has been watching and though their efforts to promote the show have been lacklustre from the start, Ioan and cast have done their best to connect with viewership and the phenomenal efforts of Foreverists Worldwide has been  awesome, lets try to honour cast and crew with a MASSIVE viewing spike for the final episode!!

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