Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Guns and Violence (warning graphic photos included) in the weekly roundup

The Interceptor

It is all about the guns in this week's episode. Ash and the UNIT team get caught up in a shoot out in  Camden Market and an innocent youth gets caught in the crossfire. The resulting plot follows a familiar path. The culprit is not adequately identified by secondary witness and walks free, leaving the dead boy's friend vulnerable to retribution as they seek to scare him into silence by terrorising the family.

Charity  case recruit Tommy proves himself to be every bit as much of a Maverick as best friend Ash, as he uses a Unit intercept to  call the victim who has obtained a "shooter" to seek retribution of his own on those who also set his little brother alight in a arson attempt. Talking the lad down and getting him to retreat without harm to himself or others, the real villain is unmasked as another supposed friend who is making  commission money on every gun sold as a courier. He obtains the gun and in a twist of fate, manages to shoot himself in the face and loses some fingers in the process when the poorly altered replica backfires .

This rather timely plot proves an illustrative cautionary tale for those impressionable youths thinking of picking up criminally altered replicas and hopefully scared a few people enough not to try. The prime demographic of the show, young men after all.

Elsewhere the continuing saga of the Kingpin, played with malice and humour by the ever Brilliant Trevor Eve continues with his two goons Docker and Xavier getting into deeper hock  as he lends them more in a doomed attempt to speculate to accumulate . His slow round at the Golf course proving a wonderful illustration of just what a vindictive person he can be.

We also start to see just why Unit are a law to themselves, they are not much liked by the Police whose hierarchy are sending in surveillance of their own in the form of the motorcycling new beau of female agent Kim,  but this evil plan is thwarted by the inept flirting of obviously infatuated colleague... Whose charm wins her over and she stands the wannabe mole up! I am certain  however  that we will be seeing more of him and his commander handler in the near future.

Again enough to keep me entertained to want me to come back for more.

It is a real shame that


did not maintain its's promise. I was very disappointed with the second and as it turns out final instalment of the story of Star-crossed lovers Stuart and Ellie. The plot just did not seem to go anywhere particularly, skimming the surface of what  was a great book. Whilst the violent Peril that Stuart found himself in  was thrilling, substance was lacking.

Resolution was too easy and the true architect of the death that brought Stuart "Home" was so strongly hinted at in the early part of the episode, that there was little to really enjoy apart from the tremendous performance of Peter Mullan,Which was one of the few redeeming parts. The other being the sympathetic treatment of the rather sexually ambiguous Ferg, whose part humanised what was really a number of violence tinged set pieces and lifted this episode just into the region of mediocre.

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