Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Humans - red blood and blue blood, even synths can bleed!

This show is rapidly becoming a favourite, it is just so disturbing on many levels.
Firstly there is the way that Anita/Mia has developed a propensity for lying, twisting the truth and withholding information, which is against all protocols and makes the piece scarier as we imagine all of our gadgets going "off Piste" .  Imagine if one's Facebook suddenly broadcast all those original drafts of posts 😱😱😱

Miserable Mother Laura's fears  about the wily little minx are all  founded, but the totally dysfunctional nature of her home  means she is being dismissed as over sensitive and paranoid. Even sullen teenage daughter Mattie is no help. Her own resentment against Synths in general seems valid too given that there seems to be no role which Synths have not under taken. As a clever girl who in any other circumstances would be guaranteed a great career, she feels totally redundant and literally may become so in the job market after school. Husband Joe is just happy that the house is being managed and one wonders if Anita may well use that to her advantage in coming episodes as she is already using the younger more vulnerable members of the family to ingratiate herself the scene where hormone ridden teenage son attempts to grope her was both uncomfortable and chilling as she know has leverage to turn him against his mother should the need arise.

Of course, there could be a less nefarious reason for Anita's reactions, the memories that all the renegade bots seem to be exhibiting are of some sort of idyllic existence  where their "father created rounded personalities with emotional capacity . See in that light the neediness of Mia who has been forced into servitude only really  to be a mother , is  rather more sad than frightening.

The reflection of a disharmonious addition of synth into an otherwise happy home of policeman Pete  and his injured wife is well played. He resents the handsome home help being the rock he wishes he could be, but  " Simon synth"  is genuinely sweet! Kind of a metrosexual ! I would not mind if he made me a sandwich to take to work!

One wonders whether Leo was the blueprint for synth anatomy as he bleeds red blood, unlike the blue bled by Niska but can be charged, is he just a very large vessel for human cyborg tech that taken to the next level  became Syths,.  Max his "brother" is literally a lifesaver acting as crash-mat for the seriously wounded Leo after an ill advised run in with yet another nut job Paul Kaye Character ( see all recent blogs  for reference) can he play any other kind of part really with a face like that? Max is brilliantly realised, so still and at time so alien that you forget a real human being is playing robot and not the other way around so when the chinks of humanity that Leo is trying  to get Max  to hide from the world seep out, they become glaring, it's a wonderful complex performance!

Niska the blonde bombshell sold into the sex -bot industry finally literally blows a gasket when  asked to play the victim by a pervert who  then becomes the first Synths initiated  homicide of the piece.  Niska has a temper!! Here again the renegades going right against the primary rule that a synth cannot touch without permission.

Not that this seems to be stopping Vera,   the NHS  sanctioned nurse from hell that George has been saddled with, she is perhaps the most frightening of all as her treatment of poor George sends shivers down the spine of anyone with elderly or infirm relatives. To say that this is 1984 kind of a deal is an understatement, she threatens to tell on him for every minor infringement and any kind of reticence or revolt is shut down before it has begun.. If this woman were human we would be reporting her to the health authority, but here she is the authority. Thankfully poor Odie has as yet avoided being found in his hiding place in the shed, but how long can this last?

Things grow ever more dark and complicated as we approach episode three.

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