Saturday, 27 June 2015

My Jihad - A Bus and a Burkha.

Oh I love it when God just gives me a little tidbit of fun to chew on!

This tiny Short was just such a lovely little examination of  judgement, stereotypes and relationships. Whilst it is focused on a Muslim Couple, it could equally have been a Christian couple or a bi racial couple. Prejudice is rife in every community and this pleasant little story illustrated it in a humorous and intelligent way!

Hapless young Muslim Man Nazir is not faring well at the Speed dating event, all the girls seem interested in is his financial status and then he really starts to bump heads with Fahimda who is chaperoning her friend.

"I am a chaperone!"

"Is that French for Frigid?"

"It's Latin for Loser Repellant"

After a random act of kindness results in him losing his bus ticket, his evening is made more embarrassing when he has to ask Fahimda  for his fare. Later, after she is forced to move seats an interesting conversation ensues.

"Provision is decreed by Allah, so no one knows what my financial situation will be in the future." He says when challenged about his lack of funds.

His prejudice is also present, happy to marry a Widow or Divorcee but not single mother,he manages to insult her again before the penny finally drops as to why she was not at the dating event as a participant when she storms off the bus ages before her stop. 

He tries to make amends by walking her home, but this act of chivalry too is fraught with problems as a man walking her home at night who is not her brother would be reported back to parents and she would be branded a whore.  The solution Nazir comes to is so sweet and humorous!   

He wants an Islamic home with no distractions, no pictures, no posters and only selected music, with a concession for Michael Jackson, he is a Legend after all! She lives with parents and her six year old Son.

They seem so different but yet they connect more naturally in their short conversation that  he asks her to take a risk that what passed between them warrants more investigation, his joyful smile when she tentative agrees is heartwarming.

Catch it on BBC I player. At 17 minutes long, it is a great way to boost your mood and make you think in a manageable timeframe!

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