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Libertarian or layabout?

New to the British History Channel is the long awaited and much Lauded SONS OF LIBERTY, the three-night, six-hour event, follows a defiant and radical group of young men–Sam Adams, John Adams, Paul Revere, John Hancock and Dr. Joseph Warren–as they band together in secrecy to 
change the course of history and make America a nation.
Episode One sets up the animosity between the absent rulers from Britain and the long suffering inhabitants of Boston , trusting law and order to corrupt Governors and over zealous soldiers, the good people of Boston are duly perturbed!

A British Cast of up and coming stars such as Rafe Spall and Ben Barnes were showcased in this 1st instalment

The former a foppish chancer  John HANCOCK following in a overbearing uncle's  footsteps , his ill timed agreement to aid the corrupt Governor with a mob problem has left him in some hot water of
his own as the British are fighting back and charging full duty on all cargoes, leaving Hancock without profit .

Barnes, a Drunken , loutish tax collector who refuses to collect tax ,  is rabble rouser Sam ADAMS.  His arrest warrant for the return to the Crown of uncollected taxes is now in Hancock's Debt. 

I have to  admit to a very sparing knowledge of this period in U.S. History, so the historical accuracy is up for debate, but it was engaging stuff thus far!

Queen Elizabeth in her darkest hour.

I am late to this and so have only watched Episode One at posting, but, Armada : 12 Days To Save England has been an absolutely top class Docu -History.  The sum of it parts is a real triumph.

Firstly the casting of National Treasure Anita Dobson is Elizabeth I has been inspired. She is wonderfully multifaceted in this, vulnerable and frail in Private, marvellously Grotesque in her appearance. This pivotal moment in her reign, indeed in English History was to be a massive test and she is being played with a truthful integrity here.

The presenter Dan Snow who is a pedigreed BBC Historian appears to be the perfect fit here for a series so closely linked to British Sailing and the Channel, he looks like a sailor as he is bumped about on the choppy seas, a Hennley regatta type of sailor admittedly, not a salty old sea dog, but a sailor none the less. He  has the perfect voice for  narration  and his rugged good looks will have drawn in the less well informed viewers of the female persuasion!

The gaggle of Historian experts are all interesting in their own rights, the ladies speaking to Elizabeth and her court with an interesting  and my favourites of the men being the Dr Saul David and Dr Sam Willis   playing with the model boats in the channel to discuss tactics. The hero of the piece though is professor David Parker  whose discovery of Spanish documents  in the form of despatched between two of the key naval figures from the Armada has given us a wonderful insight into the thinking of our Spanish foes!

I look forward to Days Four to Twelve in this high quality show as I am learning much and if nothing else that is incitement enough to continue.

Jonathan Strange comes into his own

I continue to be delighted by the marvellously macabre story of English Magicians and the fairy folk who seek to exploit them. Sunday nights with Jonathan Strange and Mr Norr
Jonathan is no longer the young pretender  and is proving himself on the battlefields with some marvellous feats to impress Wellington. Norell becomes more conniving and sneaky in an attempt to control the Gentleman and the fallout of his misconceived alliance and poor Stephen and Lady Pole are being ensnared further and further into his, pointy nailed clutches!

Necromancy and Road building for the war effort is De Rigour this week, really enjoying this magical romp and the finale to the episode was edge of the seat stuff !  

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  1. Rafe Spall is simply brilliant in Sons Of Liberty Emma. He has the chops to be a versatile character actor for decades to come!