Monday, 27 July 2015

Humans, family and essential electrolytes on Channel 4

I will be returning to the beautifully fragrant Joanna Lumley in a separate Blog but suffice to say RUSSIA was beautiful and often charming, but still not up to the gorgeousness of Mongolia!

But first to...


Channel Four's parallel present drama, is rolling to a massive crescendo as all the various threads begin to mesh and the disparate members of the sentient Synths finally get to reunite after Max's act of heroism at the denouement of last week's episode. The work of Ivanno Jeremiah to make him the most Human and frankly lovable member of the clan makes his utterances in this episode all the more mesmerising.

In a scene worthy of McGyver, the Gang create a life giving drip that in a dramatic attempt to save a life that brings both a human and a Synth together in perfect synchronicity.

It is really interesting to see how the dynamic between Mia/Anita  and the family has changed now that Mia has been allowed to come to the fore. She is strong, she is wise and she is so much less creepy, which only goes to show how if this show were to come to fruition, that Humankind might not enjoy "The strangers amongst us" as much as free labour might appeal. 

It is only when the Synths become like us that we are comfortable with them. And in fact it is Leo, the Human with Syth parts that becomes the least relatable as his alienation remains in stasis, not quite one of us, but still slightly removed from his "Siblings" Kudos to Colin Morgan for his understated performance

It is also really clever the way that the little girls Sophie has switched allegiance, now that the living Dolly that was Anita is now akin to a real Mother, she loves the least socially comfortable Niska who in turn cracks her shell of  angry disassociation, which only illustrates that life really is about nurture rather than nature when it comes to emotional maturity.

It was a really heart wrenching end to the story of George and the ever devoted Odi whose final words to his keeper were so subtley delivered that it made the impact all the more affecting. I will be very sad not to see both characters on screen in the remaining story.

Copper Karen/BeatriceBOT who always seemed a bit weird even before the big plastic bag Gullet trick, really plays a blinder in ill advised knee jerk reactions after being rejected by Pete and thwarted by Niska, so the final stressful and angst ridden moments of episode Seven remain seared on my brain... I cannot wait for episode Eight, but as Channel 4 has given series 2 a Green Light, I am not sure all our artificial heroes and heroines or the Humans who love them will make it through unscathed, Gulp!

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