Thursday, 30 July 2015

Menu madness and "bus bum" in classic India Travelogue.

Kevin and I in India by Frank Kusy

I am quite the lover of travel books and for some reason India, Pakistan and Afghanistan seems to be the area I gravitate towards. I was thus very much looking forward to reading this about a journey through India and Nepal .

On one level it is a tremendously engaging and hilarious travel diary and the mishaps that befall our erstwhile heroes kept me chuckling away throughout, but part of me wanted more, a little more history perhaps or a little more commentary on why India was so integral in frank's life plan, more about his faith perhaps? Just something to rest the misadventures against. I would have like a list of everything he took in his rucksack to see how light one can travel without putting oneself in mortal danger

Maybe I am doing a Frank a Disservice as I know he has returned to the subject of India often in his writing and perhaps this is in response to him wanting to add weight to his Indian story. The tales he shares from his diary entries are lots of fun and one wonders whether in the intervening years if travel is easier now, it could not get much worse than regular dysentery and starvation that is certain.

The Indians and Nepalese are treated with a gentle ribbing about the way they describe food on menus and  the way they provide tourist accommodation  to the unsuspecting traveller, but at all times the culture and religion of the region are respected. Overall an enjoyable if imperfect book.

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