Friday, 14 August 2015

Race Relations, runaway soldiers and loose application of the arrest rules -Aquarius

Thanks to the Double Episode phenomena that seems to be  par for the course for all new American shows premiered of late, we were gifted another episode of Aquarius to gorge on this week. Continuing on directly from events at the end of the last episode, with Lawyer husband lying to sam and his wife about who cut him and dug himself a little hole by denying knowing who Manson was , until shown in a lie. His underhand dealings and the pressure this now allows Charlie to exert is going to be a theme in this show I think.

The problems  for our boys in blue keep piling up, the low level drug dealers are telling anyone who will listen what profession Brian Shafe actually has, so he needs to take along Sam to play  the role of "extra bad cop" so they will reveal suppliers further up the chain, but for him to do that, he has to get to the rendezvous and the little matter of the murder of a white woman in a  predominantly Black Neighbourhood takes them off piste slightly.

The grieving widower does not seem as upset about his wife's demise as much as the fact that Police failed to turn up at previous call outs. Shafe starts interviewing the neighbours and realises his Tory may not ring true,  a further worrying medical status further points towards the husband...but is scuppered in his attempts to dig further by crusading protest from neighbourhood protection groups,  Hodiak takes full advantage of them in an attempt to speed a result. 

Again it is the car scenes that provide the most comedic moments on this show  so when small time, eager to please,white dead beat drug dealer and the angry, well to do black man are confined to the back of the police car together with Brian and Sam playing disapproving parents as they speak about the "Planned Genocide "by the US government to allow black man and yellow man to wipe each other out in the war overseas!

A quick and violent detour sorts out the drug dealers with one poor man saddled with the word "snitch" printed on his head after the encounter. Thankfully permanent ink was rare in the sixties and then they hit the interview room. 

Sam is a canny old bird, he does the poor husband up like a kipper! He uses the good folk of the neighbourhood to convince this poor brain addled man that they have already given enough damning evidence to send him to prison for his remaining time on this earth and convinced by the(frankly shoddy) reassures of a deal he writes a full confession. Sam's cohorts in this subterfuge  ward off the lawyer and the Miranda Rights reading is again a darkly funny moment, issued far far too late to be any help at all!

The show is starting to broaden it's scope with character development happening for both Hodiak and Shafe revealing facets of their lives showing the truth of their motivations. The behaviour of Hoziak to get his man by using the Black inhabitants as bait suggests a level of racism which in actuality could not be further from the truth. His friendship at the coffee shop in his first beat area and his reaction to Brian's revelation was telling about his real beliefs in a time when race was still a massive issue.

I found the scene with Brian, his wife and child utterly enchanting and for the first time we saw Sam on the back foot just momentarily. We also meet Hodiak Junior, who it turns out has been false lured home by Sam's bit lush of an ex -wife who wrote to say she was dying so he came home without permission and is now AWOL and this is another chink in the armour of the self assured Sam we had seen thus far.

As for events back at Chez Manson, Emma is tasked with helping with " The Dream" which is to get Charlie a recording deal. A failed shoplifting attempt ends in more graphic violence and Charlie once again uses the pressure points he has with Emma's Father to obtain funding for a Demo and Emma seeks redemption by using her cleverness to find a way to feed the folks at the commune. She gains favour with Charlie. However my guess is she would be less amenable to him if she knew just what that past her Dad and Charlie share.

I liked this episode better than the first, but I am not going to live in hope that it will be a taut cat and mouse chase, this is going to be a slow burner. Luckily I have a lot of patience.

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  1. A fine post! If I weren't so swamped I would watch the show!