Sunday, 30 August 2015

Ripper Street - Barrels, Beer and Brotherly Love!


Reid is comatose.

Bennett and Rose are continuing their affair.

Captain Homer Jackson is literally drowning his sorrows in whiskey.

Chief inspector Fred Abbeline is in despair!!!

So begins the latest instalment of the grittiest police drama on TV at present.  The first scene of the episode is one of the most violent I have seen this series and that includes Reid dashing a man's brain out against a post two episodes back! The utterly pickled Jackson witnesses a mass beating in the pub where he and his friend Reid the dead Pig have drunk enough a Whiskey to send the average bod to the hospital and he looks clammy, plain God Awful!

Local thugs ransack the pub and the area and the un shepherded boys in blue are nowhere to be seen!  A  night of violence on the streets, the wonderfully named PC Grace finds a very gruesome receptacle leaking blood demand they sort it all out immediately! 

Enter the incandescently annoyed Abelline who brings Jackson and Drake together at short shrift.

The crime this week is rather brilliant, utterly violent and totally totally unnecessary, two brothers played utterly convincingly by Sam Gittens and Billy Cook  fighting for their livelihoods and trade come completely off the rails when a misunderstanding creates a powder keg in a group of youths. 

Beer, the beverage of the masses is being imported  in from Northern Breweries because (as  Jackson discerns whilst doing post mortem) the water is softer creating a tastier brew, the  group of apprentices causing all the furore are putting pressure on publicans to stock London Ales get totally and unnecessarily out of hand, resulting in drownings in the ales in question by way of funnel and tube... The scenes are harrowing to say the least!

 The older brother wants to make good however as his troublesome cough is in actual fact consumption  and he has little time to put his  brother straight on what has occurred . The scene where all becomes clear between the siblings was sad and touching.

Elsewhere things in Bennett Drake's life are starting to unravel somewhat, his goodness as ever is fighting with what will give him happiness, he wants Rose to tell her theatre owner  fianc√© the truth and to sling his hook, so a badly timed drinking session with Captain Jackson almost ends in violence, but his better nature is stronger than the demon drink and fisticuffs are avoided.

Fred is still on the search for those pesky Bearer Bonds and their true origin, of course Susan is not telling and seeing as she is the architect of Edmund's current predicament, she yet again exhibits some real front to pretend to be nurse and sanctuary when she is the one who shot him. The villain of the piece, with a beautiful flawless face.

One fly in her ointment... Reid just woke up!!

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  1. Good summary... Almost makes me feel I've seen the show!