Friday, 7 August 2015

Ripper Street - the drama goes into overdrive! (WARNING BAD LANGUAGE)

The BBC must be rubbing it's hands together in glee not that it has rights to Ripper street again. 

We are only at Episode Two, a gentle incline in the drama perchance?


The final moments of the show were perhaps the most dramatic and chilling scenes I have ever seen in the series so far and that is saying something, after the finale of season two. I do not want to spoil this for viewers who need to catch up across the weekend and into next week, so it is really hard to speak to those moments, but suffice to say that Life will never be the same at Leman Street.

The wonderful  thing about this episode was that the tensions bubbling so close to the surface in the episode prior, burst forth like a geyser in this one. 

Bennett Drake tried in his gentle, salt of the earth way to show Reid that his closeness to the edge of the precipice of his own ruin through embracing the darkness that had been creeping up on him since his attempt to find Jack The Ripper. The steady decline in his mental state has been signposted and sadly it seemed that despite his heartfelt attempts that Drake was unable to pull him back by the end of their conversation.

Captain Jackson's ire at being constantly insulted by Reid for drinking and being a womaniser finally reaches crisis point and his listing of the rather ingenuous ways that Reid had thrown nastiness at him was one of the lightest moments in the episode, despite the scene being tense. My personal favourite being...

Even dodgy reporter Fred gets to hold a mirror up to Reid in this episode, his methods have never garnered much respect so when he brings a story to Reid to assist him to start an investigation into the actual reason for the deaths  the train the traffic of American Bearer Bonds, Reid is sceptical but Fred says he does it to honour his "Friend" who died in the tragedy.

Long Susan continues to sanction actions that leave people in mortal danger and dead. Now it seems her property empire has been funded through extortion and the revoltingly oily Mr Capshaw remains free despite Reid 's belief he was implicated in the train massacre from last week. Her decision in the face of revelations made to her from the sick bed of a child are as far reaching as can possibly be and any regard gorgeous her I had has dissolved into an utter revulsion that she would let what follows happen even indirectly.

Loans sharks and dodgy  and murderous lawyer Capshaw go to see a couple to collect rent and their reticence to allow them take goods as collateral galvanises Mr Capshaw into violence and he ultimately kills the wife through excessive force. The husband runs away in terror for his own life and whilst he is away Capshaw makes a dramatic discovery that will irreparably change the course of the lives of many not least that of Edmund Reid who finally gets answer to the question that has been the cause of his torment and ends in the cataclysmic events I alluded to at the start of this piece.

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