Sunday, 23 August 2015

Slow moving ... A molasses episode of Aquarius this week.

It is a pity that the writers of the backstory to Aquarius did not veer away from the violent wife beating alcoholic cop line. I liked Hoziak, after all I like a flawed anti-hero as much as the next girl, but now my view of him is tainted and lazy writers have made the show less original. 

Sam continues to search for his son who is still AWOL. The Military Police are hot on his trail and Sam wants to get him to turn himself in. Things are further complicated now that his partner has been secretly sleeping with his ex wife Opal, so their is a strange atmosphere  both at the marital home and at work, where  the new man he is siding with her against Sam but trying to support his fellow officer. Ultimately Sam does not incriminate his wife, but is adamant that she was wrong to orchestrate the sickness story for him to return from combat. 

However I digress, this week we arrive at the Manson compound with Shafe and Charmaine making in roads into the heart of the group. The thought of lovely Charmaine having sex with the oily pockmarked lackey makes my skin crawl, but undercover officers the world over must do it to earn trust, so hey ho, it's off to work she goes! And then it just stops...

There is a brief scene where Charmaine is again subjected to sexist remarks in the precinct that goes further than gentle ribbing, told she should be a prostitute by a bewigged streetwalker, she is encouraged to go make money that way by colleagues, thankfull she at least has the temerity to give as good as she gets!

The story moves slowly on, they know where Manson is, they know Emma is with them. Shafe sees her with his own eyes, but when Sam and her mum go to get her,  she is off recording a demo with the money that Charlie extorted from Emma's Dad after who knows what kind of debauchery?
Sam rekindles his relationship with her after sharing "lost children" sympathies.

The sound engineer is pretty much appalled by Charlie's choice of venue and knows it will be an unmitigated failure but Charlie wants it to be "Real".  The resulting music is used to taunt her father when Manson plays Emma singing on the tape.The visit from the police prompts Charlie into action, after slapping Emma for intransigence he whisks her off to play sex toy for the  bemused sound engineer in return for a temporary hideout.

The story really is going at a snails pace here, there does not seem to be any particular direction to the narrative. The ability of Charlie to manipulate does not seem to be from any particular charisma, but through the use of ominous henchmen and the threat of violence or exposure and I am led to question how these girls could have been so easily drawn into his web and so oblivious to his heavy handed tactics to make them blindly subservient. Their lives are so dull, so without purpose that they are easy prey it would seem. What a sad edictment of the super permissive sixties where freedom should have given flight to those with imagination and intelligence, not enslavement to a egotistical  Svengali.

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