Monday, 31 August 2015

Threads begin to mesh in ZOO.

Chloe is a criminal analyst  for the French Defence department who speaks umpteen languages, is an expert in world cultures is is exactly who is needed to get to the bottom of what is happening in the animal kingdom, so she is whisked to Slovenia to see the bodies from the Canine attacks in person. Playing on the freshness of the lion attacks in Botswana in her mind, Gaspard Alves demands she look into it. She proves her worth! Discerning that despite the attacks apparently happening over a sustained period, that the victims had not been missed by anyone and so had to be transient,visitors with no roots in this Slovenian town. This in itself is pretty worrying, how might a pack of dogs ever know how to pick and choose so precisely?  By picking folk who would not be found, she proposes that they are honing their skills for a bigger plan.

Jackson and Abraham are a jolly to Japan to seek out the missing pen drives, but find instead that Jackson's Husband had married again, a Japanese scientist whose plankton research drew her to  Dr   S work. She knew of his theories and realises that they must be coming to bear and so agrees to take them to the remote, highly radioactive island where he kept his final research. En route in a small plane they are besieged by bats in a swarm un naturally high and at comp,Evelyn the wrong time in the day for nocturnal creatures. Forced to make an emergency landing, crashing in the sea and losing the good doctor who would have shown them where the work was hidden.

Their arrival on the island proves unsettling as the horses they happen across are blinded.

Jamie Campbell  wants to take her findings to a Louisiana governor who might be sympathetic to their idea, but Mitch Morgan is less than convinced, he thinks that a tenuous theory is not enough to take on a huge corporation like Reiden Global. He is further discouraged when he realises that Jamie has gone rogue and that none of this has to do with a real paper article. A visit to the cemetery reveals that Jamie's Mother was the first of a cluster to 22 people to die of cancer and Reiden were in her view responsible.

On meeting with the Senator they meet resistance and he totally refuses to help. And suddenly roles reverse, Mitch offers to help but Jamie is just too defeated and just as she bows out, Mitch is approached by the shadowy Gaspard Alves.

Elsewhere Evan Lee Hartley, a prisoner about to be given the death penalty and rather fond of the apocalyptic parts of the Good Book, sees a random wolf standing out in the rain staring at the prison and surprises the warden with the decision to attempt to make amends with those he has wronged.  The victim's wife comes and he revels in telling how he mutilated him and the rest of the hunting party because they were needlessly killing animals. When wolves attack, using the  classic diversion tactic of single attack forcing the opening of the security gates so that the rest of the pack can enter unfettered and  all are killed, all that is for Evan.


Meanwhile in Tokyo, Alves brings together the disparate individuals into one cohesive team who he hopes will get to the bottom of why the animal attacks are occurring, under the overall supervision of Chloe Tousignant.

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