Friday, 28 August 2015

Global Animal mobilisation, scary times in second episode of ZOO

Cats have never seemed so supercilious and creepy as in the opening moments of this week's episode. The sight of them all running away en masse when animal control was called was both amusing and supremely ominous. If this is what domestic pets evoke, imagine what the real beasties will produce!

At last a global phenomenon that is actually global! Slovenia and a married couple of dubious origin ( very odd accents there chaps!) trying to amuse their prospective adoptive son decide to go to the circus. Bad idea? Methinks so...  The Tigers look about to sup that child on a water cracker. The writers do not go for the obvious here, the Tigers are not the issue. The little boy Andreas, is rather taken by the Jack Russell at the hotel where his prospective parents are staying so when the little tyke absconds with Andreas' hard won and beloved Tiger soft toy, Dad goes off in pursuit. I think it highly likely that little Andreas is semi orphaned before the ink can even dry in the papers...

Reporter Jamie's extensive researching of Reiden of course reveals lots of deeply underhanded shenanigans and naughtiness which is rather conveniently cloned from her computer whilst distracted at her door by the son of her landlady. Personally I would have gone for the soft shell crab if that was the easiest way to solve my rent arrears problem. She knows enough though to go and see her friendly (ish) animal pathologist, who to my mind is feigning  all this wry disinterest, he just does not play too well with the other kids, this is true, but I think he is loving butting heads with the lovely Jamie and he hasn't told her she is a psycho once, even in so many words,unlike her boyfriend at the paper

The affected lions have been conveniently and expeditiously destroyed so the pair hatch a plan to test another living lion for the existence of 2-4D which Jamie thinks is  the chemical compound causing all the trouble. It is thought to be  affecting neurotransmitters in animals and found in the pesticides provided by you, guessed it... Reiden Global . Mitch discerns that Jamie has more than a journalist interest in the shady goings on there and finds that she believes they " Murdered" her home town.  I immediately think class action and Erin  Brockovich at this time and imagine cancerous growths popping up all over main street, but We do not get much of an insight however into Jamie's roots  as events at the Zoo start getting a bit fraught!

The sweet lion cub they decided to do a brain scan on is decidedly difficult to sedate and appears to have higher gamma brain activity. This seems to be setting off a reaction in all the other big cats in the zoo as when they inject the cub with more sedative, all the lions voice their disapproval. It seems this little bub could  be a scientific miracle as Lions do not normally exhibit this kind of brain activity Mitch himself hypothesises that the pride may be communicating telepathically.

Abraham is found up his tree where the has been languishing as part of a Lion meat larder or do it would seem. Medical examination reveals no bite marks, just lacerations and bruising. So how did a massive black man get attacked and pulled into a tree by lions and not get bitten.. It's a mystery alright. Especially as when Abraham is treated ( by Jackson's Mother no less) he says the lions put him in the tree and then just waited and watched from a safe distance.

Jackson  proposes that  his father may have been correct that the lions are mobilising through a mutual goal, unified in one goal to teach us pesky humans a lesson and was giving us as a rac a less than veiled warning. His doctor mother is dubious and hopeful that her son is not veering down the path to delirium that her late husband had trodden, but she is forced to reconsider when she examines the bodies of the dead safari tourists.

Lions quite literally go for the throat, immobilising and killing fast, but these bodies show markedly different reasons for death. The brachial artery is cut so the deaths would have been slow and painful. Unheard of in nature for a species to change their modus operandi, she begins to put credence in her husband's claims and sends Jackson off to complete the set of USB drives that contain all the research material from his father's life long research ,a trip which will take him inexplicably to Japan.

I am really pleased the show is taking such an international take on this premise that through fair means or foul, that Animals are striking back against humanity. I am enjoying the threads of the story and think the animal scenes are truly chilling, clever cinematography  and incidental music combine to make all the four legged characters seem to know far more than we the all knowing viewer. Put it this way , I might never be able to watch silent flick " The Artist"  in the same light as after a very frightening tableau, the little bait dog sits with the little child like butter would not melt in his doggy mouth!

The introduction of shadowy strangers coming to see lion attack victim Chloe , who I am presuming us connected to Reiden somehow is widening the narrative and I cannot wait for next week!

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