Monday, 28 September 2015

Bad Boyfriends and Battle Ready Bears - Zoo

A wildly enjoyable episode of Zoo this week, if you'll forgive the pun.  It is becoming more and more an ensemble piece with the usefulness of each of the team becoming evermore apparent.

Jamie has a bit of a problem, she shot a faux FBI agent and now he is dead. As yet his body lies undiscovered, but She has no proof other than Jackson's word that he tried to kill them both and so Chloe is hit with a dilemna. Allow the crime to be dealt with through official channels, or cover for her and allow Jamie to get out of Brazil on a  false passport? The fact that she uses operational funds to pay the forger rather signposts which way she is leaning on the issue. Jamie (rather foolishly in my opinion) chooses her Mother's Maiden name as her Alias. 

The reason for my concern, Jamie has been fighting Reiden tooth and nail in the name of said Mother, her home town has had Class suits pending, the likelihood of Reiden lawyers not having a record of the woman's maiden name is pretty nigh on zero, but I digress! 

Abraham tells Jamie that he too is no stranger to a name change for necessity. He tells the story of how he and his two younger brothers are taken by rebels and as a kind of militia initiation to prove his loyalty to the group, he is given a gun and a single bullet. He is instructed to shoot one of his brothers dead so as to spare the life of the other or both will be killed. He says that looking into their innocent eyes he knew he could not make a choice so refuses, to knowingly choose, will damn one to death and the other to be come a monster and so he throws the weapon down and both boys are murdered before his eyes, he escaped and became a totally different person in an effort to escape himself, but of course this is not possible and why he tries to live everyday for every moment revelling in every good thing, thinking perhaps that sooner or later that his past will catch up with him.

Mitch has the Mother cell and also a hibernating bear at his disposal and seeking nor a smoking gun, but a bloody knife, he takes a DNA sample and blood work to see if the cell is active in the creature. A hibernating bear in Summer time is not so much of an anomaly as it seems, apparently the body can go into stasis to help facilitate a change on a cellular level.  

Whilst they await the results, Chloe and Jackson go in search of the rest of the four member sleuth, the collective name for a group of bears. The start with a meeting of local animal control where Chloe comes into contact with her ex fiancé, a swarthy Parisienne Structural engineer and the tension is palpable as he takes an instant dislike to Jackson. He is mildly amused by this posturing but does not antagonise the man.

On returning to Chloe's flat, which is huge and so I would love to know  which Arrondissement she lives in that she can afford to house five people comfortably on government pay. The Gang all tell Chloe of their plan to ensure some insurance against when Agent Shaffer is discovered and so hatch a daring plan to infiltrate the very belly of the beast, The computer systems at Reiden Global! They know that files can only be accessed through facial recognition software and so need to get hold of a Reiden employee to code their face and gain access to the financial files, as even if it is is hidden,  a  huge operation like Reiden will have records of the transactions to pay Shaffer off. It will  just means trawling through the files and having a computer with enough storage space on it's drive to contain them for them to be sifted by the team.

Jamie has a laptop and the plan is for Chloe to get inside, but due to a cruel twist of fate the security guard at the entrance used to work with her at the Service, so Jackson improvises, accosting an executive to tell him he has won an a,l expenses trip to Africa, nominated by his American colleagues do pretending to look at his phone for dates, gets a clear head shot of him for Jamie to uses to access the files which after a hairy moment with the security guard download unhindered in total to the waiting computer at the Animal Lab , where Mitch is waiting.

Just as this stroke of luck occurs, the ear on the table begins to awaken from his sleep. The DNA sample shows a change and the nature of the anomaly appears to be thatthe bear has developed a armoured exoskeleton to protect it, meaning the tranquilliser Mitch tries to administer results in a bent hypodermic needle and the bear jumping out of a plate glass window pretty much unharmed,but not before Mitch can attach a tracking beacon. This Discovery seems to suggest that the Mother Cell just  accelerates the normal evolutionary change that might occur over decades as genes mutations become normal to ensure survival, so the ability for bats to fly higher, or Lions to communicate telepathically over distances. They postulate that I'd the mother cell can trigger it, an antidote might be manufactured from the raw material at a genetic level.

Knowing that the other bears in the Sleuth might actually be developing the same defence, Chloe, Jackson and Abraham track the escaped bear in the hope it will gravitate towards it's Den chums. They track it to some catacombs under a dilapidated fort , where Chloe's reluctant Ex joins them to help navigate the tunnels. They find the Bears, but like their friend are not as sleepy as they first appear and it is the only through some quick thinking from Jackson and some pretty speedy shooting with tranquilliser darts from Abe, that they all escape unharmed bar the ex who gets a flesh wound and you cannot help thinking this might be the universe repaying him for being a car and sleeping with Chloe's Sister.

Most shocking of all though is the fact that Mitch has secretly contacted Reiden, giving them an ultimatum, the experimental, but proven drugs that will cure his Daughter Clem's fatal syndrome in return for the safe return of the mother cell to them. Mitch's taciturn tone means he appears harder and more ominous than he obviously feels as evidenced by his expression as he leaves the Rendezvous. He is clever enough not to tell the man from Reiden where it is, but one worries for the whole team now that Mitch's guilt complex over abandoning his daughter to her diagnosis, has put them all on the radar of Reiden again. 


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