Friday, 25 September 2015

Boy meets Girl - Doubts and Fears and fatherly advice.

It is not often that  I am so incredibly taken with a sitcom that thoughts about it prevent me getting on with the rest of my day, so in order that I can function, I am expressing the random thoughts and all encompassing love for Boy Meets Girl on BBC Two.

I had not intended to blog every episode and I still don't but this one really got me by throat and won't let go.

The basic premise of the plot was simple. Leo is planning the first time he and Judy are alone together wanting it to be comfortable and relaxed for them both. His parents and his brother are despatched elsewhere and all seems to be going well until  Leo's mother gives Judy a disastrous haircuts and Judy's mum unwittingly leaves a photo of Judy prior to her gender reassignment surgery out. Leo becomes anxious and awkward and in fear tells her he might not be able to carry on.

I am so in awe of Harry Hepple and Rebecca Root as the central couple. Hepple plays Leo with a very subtle vulnerability. He is brilliantly expressive and his smallest expressions convey much without words and I am now utterly and completely in love with him myself. Root again gives a fabulous performance, she is confident in herself , she knows who she is, having to overcome much to manifest her true Self to the world, but her heart is still exposed as few are or have been as open with their hearts as he has, so Leo's reaction is heart breaking.  

It was inevitable that sex would come up as a topic, but where elsewhere this could have been played for laughs earlier in the season, we have had three solid episodes to get to know them as individuals. We know Leo is not ashamed of her, we know that he sees her soul as much as her appearance, but we also know this is not a conventional relationship and " First Times" are awkward  enough so this was probably a foreseeable bump in the road and whilst my mind expected it, my heart hurt just a little to see how much it made Judy vulnerable and devastated and hurt Leo too.

An unexpected ally reveals himself in a he shape of Tony, Leo's just ever so slightly henpecked Dad, but you can see where Leo gets his sensitivity from because his reaction is just  brilliant, supportive and understanding and just the push Leo needs to nail his colours to the mast and to be true to his feelings and to push on through this and any other hurdles as they come.   

Elsewhere we also see some chinks in the rather juvenile way that James, Leo's younger brother conducts himself, here he saves the day by playing Star Wars at a birthday party with some kids when one of the Cake customers is let down by the person she booked. His heart is bigger than it seems when he is being suggestive and annoying. I think he too is just lonely, looking for the right fit. 

I love this show, the idea that there is a perfect partner for everyone,  that love can overcome every obstacle both actual and those we create for ourselves is very, very heartening. 

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  1. This is a sensitive and thoughtful write up of a groundbreaking television show. Emma makes you feel as though you've seen the episode. Well done, and congrats to UK for being first.