Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Brazilian Bats cause chaos in - ZOO

Strangely for an episode where a person with the capacity to provide answers is introduced and sarcastic  FBI agent Ben Shaffer really starts to have a presence ( I am not actually convinced he is not a Reiden Global plant, but that remains to be proven) this episode of Zoo seemed a little static.

I think it is the whole Bat as animal villain of the week. For me the creepy bat thing reached it's crescendo with the death of the Arctic explorer ladies, so the fact that Rio De Janeiro is under siege  did not really freak me out. Yes they seem to be using electro magnetic fields to control us, which might tally with the higher electrical charge in the the brains of the killer Lions at the zoo and by destroying our communication functions they leave the average human at a disadvantage, being as we cannot go a single minute without access to some kind of electronic phone or other device that talks to each other, we do not have sonar or the telepathic bond suggested in the cats, dogs and zoo lions but the bats themselves are too sweet to scare little old me!

Abraham can handle himself with the drug cartel thugs ...a dark past is hinted at. Their ominous behaviour over the cobbled together cell tower is to be expected considering they need their mobiles functioning to know when to move the Coke or firearms.  All mocking aside, I thought this was slightly lazy writing, why not have civilian group take umbrage with the tampering who need the tower for medicine or something else worthy, why create a cliché? Able himself said he had seen this in the most deprived areas in Africa.

The code hidden in every product line on the other hand is much more disturbing for a girl who likes her food natural and without genetic modification. I felt sorry for the secret anti Reiden Hacker Leo Butler.   He seemed like a nice chap, but now  weird prophet Evan Lee Hartley has the genetic code and Jamie is upside down in a car wreck. Agent Smarty Pants was tracking them without warrant so she should be found soon but what the plan for the code is I do not know.

If I were a betting woman I would suggest the sick girl with the companion Labrador is in actual fact Mitch's Daughter, which might explain why he is such a downer if she is in fact terminally ill. So far the canines have yet to kill and children in the series and I wonder if this might be a theme that we might return to, perhaps the animal kingdom is going to give them a chance to correct the mistakes of their forbears or maybe I am just reading meaning into coincidence.

Not a bad episode just not as  well paced or edgy as past ones but sets the pace for the next one as conspiracy and weird animal behaviour continue to collide.

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  1. Hmmm this review made me want to watch Zoo, even though this episode wasn't one of your faves! Good work!