Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Somnolent Bears and technically savvy Bats in ZOO

Okay, last week, I felt we were marking time, well this week, things got just a teensy bit more edgy. Let us begin with the elephant in the room, not a literal one you understand, but in this show you never really know. I would actually really would love to know how a bloody great Bear could be wandering the streets of well to do Paris and no one see it. This was not a bedsit apartment, but a spacious townhouse and how that coiffed and sleekly dressed woman did not hear said Bear breathing as it lolled behind her, I will never know. It waits until she is facing it  before unleashing it's unholy roar and the screaming really starts!

The stricken woman escapes to a cupboard and manages to hold him off long enough for the Gendarmerie to arrive! The Bear finishes ransacking the kitchen, having a nice glass of Shiraz into the bargain.( It is France after all )and goes into hibernation on the floor, happy and sated as can be! It was obvious that the Bear was not there to kill, just to gorge on some good quality grub before his nap.

As I predicted Jamie is okay after being run off the road by Evan Lee Hartley because the FBI and Jackson were tracking her and she has to tell them he has nabbed the mother cell for who knows what Nefarious reason. I do have to giggle, Agent Smartypants is not only a computer expert, but now a qualified hypnotist, were that is a marvellous budget saver if ever I saw one, two for the price of one dynamic government agent.

Not to be outdone, it seems Mitch is a  veterinary version of MacGyver and the A team.. Telling their Brazilian captors they can cobble together a Bat removal device out of old PC parts, copper wire and a seven foot steel rod. He was getting in to it by this time, because of course it is utter rubbish.

 They are just hoping to give Abraham a chance to find and save them. Abe is having no luck persuading the Brazilian authorities to help as they are about to drop massive quantities of a chemical over Rio in an attempt to rid the city of its Chiroptera Problem, the slight snag is it will adversely affect all living things in the vicinity.Of course it does not work. These one size fits all apocalyptic answers never do, have they never watched Independence Day ? Abe skulks away as the first clouds hit.

Mitch suddenly hits on a much better idea which might actually force the bats out of the city and he and Chloe wait anxiously to see if it works. Chloe tackles him for being closed off and defeatist and he admits to her that he is ( as I prophesied in my last blog) Clem, the little terminally ill blonde Girl's father.  He opens up , even sheds a tear before they are released. Abe has done a little one man army on the drug lords with a little help from some spooked bats.

And dear sweet Evan Lee Hartley?  Well he is off for an optometrist appointment with a difference. The Defiant Pupil is back. Remember the way you can tell if you are about to be ravaged by a wolf or mauled by a Lion is to see if it has a blown pupil. Jackson realises the ELH as he will be known to the rest of this piece has one too ever since spending time with Jackson's Father and they hypothesise that this is the reason he killed the hunters, a crime landing him on death row. His request of the mild mannered eye doctor scared me more than any animal attack. He wants to test his optic nerve... By shoving a four inch needle into his eye socket and into the skull.  Good grief!

After taking some of the mother cells and having it injected back into the optic nerve ELH dies in much agony  just as Jamie, Jackson and Smartypants gets to him and here the truth about  the Agent Shaffer begins to become apparent, he seduces Jamie and through pure fluke Jackson realises he must have killed the optometrist... Who does he work for? My Money was always on Reiden seeing as they had hacked Jamie's computer in the first episode  and he showed similar clandestine skills. Sadly for Agent Shaffer, he falls foul of Jamie and Jackson, tying the former and fist fighting the latter until and she gets his gun deals with him without hesitation. Methinks as the face of Reiden in her head ,her long felt animosity was manifest in her no nonsense shooting of the bad guy.

The team has the Mother a Cell though, they just need to know what the heck to do with it!

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