Friday, 11 September 2015

TV Sitcom with true heart - Boy Meets Girl.

Just a few words about "Boy Meets Girl" on BBC 2

I just binge watched the first two episodes and I am totally and utterly hooked.

What a truly brave show this is. It is testimony to both Harry Hepple  ( Who is now my biggest crush of the week) and Rebecca Root for giving us a couple we can really love and of you pardon the pun, root for,  from the opening minutes of this sitcom about love across the age gap. 

Leo's crappy day is given an immediate lift when he meets Judy , the lady with a lovely smile whose  own day has also gone a bit awry. Their chat precipitates a proper date. In the opening minutes of which, Judy makes a huge admission, that she had been born with a penis.

The fact that Judy is a transgender woman is a breath of fresh air for me and the fact that Leo accepts her without the merest hesitation and treats her with such gentleness was just so beautiful to me. Rebecca Root projects femininity and vulnerability in this role and it is a credit to the BBC that the casting  of Judy was with a real Transgender woman as she gives Judy such authenticity.

Having by pure chance seen an episode of " I am Cait" earlier in the evening before stumbling across BMG, I can safely say that this gentle and slightly zany half hour comedy does so much more to create a normalcy for the Transgender community than several episodes of the Caitlin Jenner vehicle could possibly do. The scene where Judy spoke of being imprisoned brought a lump to my throat and Leo's response to her asking what he thought just obliterated every argument against LGBT folks.  Love and attraction are not a choice. 

His simple answer  just made me smile so broadly.

What is most gratifying is that this does not become a strident "issues" led show, it retains the subtle gentle tone it started with. The writing of the two main characters is masterfully nuanced, Leo is quirky, not dorky and Judy is confident in her identity but vulnerable with Leo because she likes him so much. Two souls perfect for each other with just this one extra little area of complexity to navigate.

I loved Leo and Judy, I love that they are so perfect together and this being sitcom -land know the path will be rocky, but here as in all life, I pray that love and respect will out!

I cannot wait to see more!


  1. Wow, this is s brave show. It sounds good, so sensitive, and the casting is right. I hope it does well!

  2. It is brave, but so respectful. One of the best things I have seen in a good while.