Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Book Review: Big promises, bigger let downs. Apron Strings by Mary Morony.

I had been enjoying the story of "Apron Strings "very much, hoping it would turn into a book similar to To Kill A Mockingbird  or The  Help. There were glimmers of something wonderful to come in the first few chapters, but  it never materialised  everything that might have been interesting just stagnated.

Plot, character development, everything  just ground to a halt and it just meandered  aimlessly along retreading the same ground over until it came to a stop. I had little to no empathy with any of the characters after the first quarter and even the smallest areas that could have brought some resolution or explanation to plot points were woefully skirted.

Issues such Inter Racial relationships ,Alcoholism, Child Abuse  and Miscarriage were all touched upon and yet never really explored and seemed shoe horned in to season what was a meandering plot that never seemed to go anywhere at all. The motivations of the characters were poorly illustrated and so I was left leaving the book knowing little more than when I started.

Not ultimately, an enjoyable read.

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  1. Guess I'll pass on reading this one. Life's too short to waste your time with bad books.