Thursday, 8 October 2015

Sky One - Zoo continues to twist and turn.

 This week it is the turn of the rodents to strike fear into the hearts of the viewer. It seems the usual compliments of Ratty companions on a cargo ship are suddenly increased at exponential levels and they overrun the ship in their thousands effectively gnawing all the crew to death! Running out of a viable food source, they literally jump ship and swim to the nearest land, conveniently a cosy tourist island off the coast of Boston, where a flaky fisherman espies them coming like the allies in  the D Day landings. The Team are instructed to get one female and one male Rat to determine just how so many rats could have reached the shore and whether this is part of the abhorrent behaviour we have seen.

The place has double resonance for Jackson as it was the last place he happily holidayed with his parents before his father went off the rails. Secondly (and to Chloe’s huge amusement) it was the birthplace of his first childhood sweetheart, the sweet but deeply sceptical town Sheriff.
The Rats are nowhere to be found. Which is why the lovely sheriff thinks Jackson is a bit of a loon, but they soon determine that the dilapidated scary Hotel building (immediate images of Jack Nicholson and an axe spring to mind) has become the hub of Rat activity. All the team have trepidations as they go there to ensnare a reproductive pair as Rats never lose the taste for Human  blood once they have it on their tongues.
The sound of bruxism fills the air, the gnashing of thousands of rodent teeth is pretty darn scary. They bag a male and set off in search of a female when a horde of rats fall out of the lifts upon them and they are separated. They realise that the male has turned hermaphrodite and birthed a litter of all male pups in the bag . This is almost a pure statistical impossibility but the poor babies are making sounds of distress, they are dehydrated and their father has no teats to feed them. So how are they and their thousands of siblings surviving? There must be a female somewhere. They come across the Queen and are set upon by her offspring, but Chloe and the Sheriff come to the rescue with a huge flame thrower!

Jamie’s secret is threatening to come out. “Agent” Shaffer’s employer reveals himself as a lonely single out on a first date, worried about his protégé. The lovely Horse and carriage ride he and his date take almost ends in carnage when the animal develops defiant pupil in the midst of the journey and runs amok forcing all to throw themselves off the carriage whilst in erratic motion. Shaffer has been discovered and Jackson and Jamie are both revealed on the Hotel CCTV foortage.

Abraham worries that Jamie’s all consuming obsession might end up leaving her an empty husk once they bring down Reiden. Jamie is nonplussed, her rage might be incandescent but she thinks it will be cathartic fire not destructive.
Mitch is now waiting on Reiden to get back to him with the cure for his daughter’s terminal condition. Taking the opportunity to visit Boston to do the deal, he calls in on his daughter to spend the day with her. It is inevitably a bit awkward, but they come to an accord.  It seems Clementine is the only person to get through his surly demeanour which makes his apparent betrayal of the team more believable. He wants to get to the bottom of the Animal anomalies as evidenced by his determination to ensure the treatment dog he procured for her has had no changes in behaviour, but his Daughter’s life also takes precedence. He is given the protocol for Clem but whilst there he sees the most unlikely person which throws everything on its head.

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