Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Things hit overdrive in an Avian centric episode of ZOO

This week's instalment of Zoo  started from the second that last week's ended. Mitch, so determined to get a cure for the ailing Clementine had almost sold his soul to the Reiden Global Devil. He had been  just about to handover the Mother Cell to the Shadowy man in possession of  the right Drug Protocol, when he spied his so called boss Mr Delavane  right there in the heart of the Lion's Den, cozying up with the folk at Reiden. 

Mitch makes a split second decision and makes a run for it , with both the Pills and the  Mother cell.

The age old press every button on the lift console and putting your jacket over the camera escape ploy seems to work, as does legging it out of the alarmed fire door and  shimmying over the security fence. I am surprised that big bad Reiden has such lax security , I was expecting Rabid dobermans at the very least, especially as their Security Boss is the man Mitch is running from. It seems that the Reiden Divisions  have had a massive break down in communications. The Mother Cell Guardians have failed to tell the security controller Mr Delavane how integral it is to Operations , So by employing our intrepid troupe of experts on the search for a solution, He has allowed Mitch and the Gang to come quite literally to the front door. Both sides are blaming the other and now the whole team is being pursued by both Reiden and the FBI.

Mitch goes straight to the team, admits to his treachery and tells them they have been being  led by the nose by Reiden all this time. This is perhaps the most sensible thing he has done in a while. Whilst they  are angry and distrustful,they concede that Mitch is not their biggest problem right now, he is obviously not a devious man or great at subterfuge so whilst his betrayal is like a big white elephant in the room they decide to trust him  just a little bit longer, until they are all on a safer footing.

 The Bureau is now after Jamie and Chloe for the murder of Agent Shaffer, although it is obvious he was off Reservation as his movements were un-logged through official channels. None the less they  will likely link the others to them in short thrift. They realise they are all going to need each other from now on because now they only have themselves to keep them out of prison (or a concrete overcoat as who knows what the Reiden People will do to protect their interests?)

Arming themselves with Burner phones and a plan to go public, the team fly into action.

Chloe and Jackson go right to the heart of the issue by going straight to Delavane's own home where he refuses to go public with the Mother Cell and threatens to implicate the whole team in the animal attacks,their very proximity to a large proportion of the incidents, enough to condemn them in the Court of Public Opinion. 

Mitch and Abraham, after swapping out some Number plates go off to give Clementine her life saving drugs. A very comical scene  follows as Mitch offers to let Abe hit him to make him feel better about his betrayal and the look on Abe's face is hilarious! Abraham, Mitch and more importantly us, know  that Abe could hit him somewhere into the middle of next week, probably with his little finger . He refrains.

This week it is the Avian portion of the animal kingdom that is causing the most scares. The Hitchcockian device of having them throng every horizontal surface is ramped up here as they are also making an awful sound too, like a rallying battle cry. Mitch and Abe realise something isn't quite right with the birds but Clementine and her Mother are already under siege at the local Park in what is perhaps the most frightening animal attack thus far, the sight of those birds diving on a mother and baby and then a lone  Crow with bloodied beak leering over the infant in the pram was chilling. Thanks to some quick thinking , a favour and a friendly fire crew, Mitch and Abe save the day and it gives Mitch a chance to mend some bridges with daughter and his ex.

Jamie reaches out to a reporter friend to find a reputable outlet to break the story and they meet in a disused warehouse. Sadly they are not alone, the weirdly  infuriated FBI agent who wants to shoot Jamie for killing the agent he saw as his son, has tracked them there too and there is a confrontation. His ire seems totally incongruous  given that Shaffer was not supposed to be where he was when he died so his refusal to even hear their side of the story just annoyed me.

After Jackson heroically manages to get some boxes to fall on him, they escape.

Mitch has been cogitating on a hypothesis , if he can find a species with a mutation not caused by Reiden, he can synthesise an antidote that might reverse the escalating animal aggression and save the planet from total human annihilation. They start by excluding the areas where Reiden has a presence to rule them out in the hopes of narrowing down the search to a place where no animal may have been contaminated by the Mother cell. They stumble across the Leopard in Zambia, a place where there are many Reiden Critics and where leopards have been attacking in numbers unheard of.

After narrowly escaping a Police SWAT team, the 8000 mile journey and a now mobilised bird population which have all learnt the same call and are now theoretically able to spread a single message across the Globe are only two  of the hurdles they need to address as Mr Delavane has been given the kill order by Reiden. Next week cannot come soon enough for us British Zoo fans.

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