Friday, 6 November 2015

New Friends and old Enemies in ZOO on Sky 1

After a strangely lack lustre episode last week,  Zoo's most recent episode on Sky1 was a satisfying romp. Still separated from Chloe the rest of the team are still in Zambia seeking mutation not caused by the mother cell that Reiden Global had so helpfully secreted into enough feeds and antibiotics that it had caused a planet wide revolt from mutated beasts and fowl.

Jackson lies injured after being shot by the rebels as they stole a leopard cub from it's parents. The team rush him to a hospital in Harare where the hospital is under siege from Crocodiles, lions and of course vengeful leopards . After some persuasion, the  doctors operate but afterwards, the recovery room is infiltrated by a leopard. Jackson holes up with two children in a storage room but has to go into rescue mode to find the brother of one of his young charges. Probably tearing all the good work the surgeons have done to repair his wound, he uses a hospital bed as a battering ram and saves the child.

Mitch has a Leopard Cub, and the mother cell as he attempts to  incubate a cure to the genetic mutation causing all the animals to go rogue. They need a subject to test any potential antidote on so whilst Mitch finds an ingenious way to extract a tooth from a baby leopard involving a rubber heart as a kitty cat chew toy, Abe invokes the power of the Almighty God to find an animal that will show most effectively any switch from aberrant behaviour to normal behaviour from nature. A domesticated animal is the best choice. The Lord smiles on him in super fast time and he happens across a seemingly rabid  Alsatian, that his sad owner is loathe to shoot despite all the neighbourhood dogs acting out and being destroyed. Promising his owner to return him if he can, Abe  saves  it to see if the plan will work on mutations already present.

Mitch goes into full black cloud mode when his serum does not work via a highly risky injection in the rump technique but Abe provokes his systematic mental processes and they realise that an oral delivery would work better and Lo and behold, it does!

Chloe is putting her trust in new Ally turned enemy; turned Ally again Delavane . He broke her free of the Reiden Torture chamber, rescued her sister and now wants her to represent her team's findings to a conference on the global outbreak of violence in the Animal Kingdom She is pooh poohed by them but one person in the audience seems immensely interested in her presentation.

It seems the Government Operative Amelia Sage and her team have come to the same conclusion as Mitch and the Gang and have a fully operational situation room on the go in Washington and they send out a Team of special forces to extract Mitch and the others from Zambia with a viable antidote to synthesise en masse clasped in their collective grip.

Once on the plane, Abe and Jackson renew their brotherly bond after the strain of recent months and Finally (To cheer my little romantic heart!) Jamie gives in to the underlying sexual tension bubbling, constantly blooming bubbling, under the surface and plants a smacker on Mitch who happily and enthusiastically reciprocates! ( Hooray!!!). Sadly nature decides to intervene and the plane gets into trouble and we are left with a cliffhanger.

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