Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Zoo finale - Dark times for the Humans as the PBS Drama draws to a season close.

Well, who would have thought that ZOO would end this run on such a post apocalyptic manner!

The plane carrying the team ( minus Chloe) crashed and weirdly Jamie  was so far separated from the rest of the Gang despite the fact that she was stood right next to Mitch on the plane, is presumed dead. She ends up being stranded miles away, trapped in a compound to protect her against the animals that have gone completely over the edge with a man who does not speak English.

Losing the leopard cub means the cure is lost and all hope for mankind fizzles out,. Reiden agrees to help if they get immunity from prosecution,Jackson is taken off the project after a few months and starts going just a little bit crazy, much like his father before him. The animals are not preying on each other anymore, just on humans and so the streets are filled with raging dogs, Monkeys  and in one case a Rhinoceros.

Abe has turned biker bodyguard, Mitch is a  Maudlin drunk, bemoaning the fact that Jamie died just so Reiden could weasel their way out of things and Chloe seems to be totally unchanged by events, carrying out almost exactly the same role as she did before all hell broke loose.

But Shocker, Jamie's  saviour saved the cub too and after months manages to find a phone to call up the flabbergasted Mitch to say " Hang on gang, all is not lost, I have a plan!"  Everyone piles into a SUV ready to ride into action when they are stopped in their tracks by the scariest roadblock in history!

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