Thursday, 31 December 2015

A letter of Thanks and good wishes for the coming year.

What a Year it has been in Telly land and hopefully you have all enjoyed the little recaps and observations on the programmes I have featured on the blog this past twelve months? I  urge you to travel with me some more as we cruise gently into 2016!!

Crowd favourites were my Forever recaps, my explorations of how we waste food and energy and the blogs I wrote about the BBC adaptation of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, but which did you enjoy and  maybe share the blog with friends you think might enjoy it next year.

 This is really for you, the reader so interactions are expressly encouraged!

Thank you each and everyone for your interest in my random musings, it was a pleasure getting square eyes for you all  and I hope to write more interesting reviews  this coming year .

Much to look forward to 

The Three Musketeers
More Ripper Street

I hope you will join me!

Happy New Year, may your TVs ever be light, your books, page turners and your streaming sites legal!


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