Thursday, 3 December 2015

London Spy - Revelations abound as the tension grow in this espionage tale.

London Spy has kept up the standard of it's oppressive and scary descent  into near madness and despair for poor Danny. Given a phone in last week's cliffhanger he is directed first to  a hotel where clothes are laid out for him, made necessary by the full body immersion demanded by the voice on the other end, dressed in a rather snazzy suit, Danny is directed past Alex's Faux home where police still stand guard and then onto the restaurant where he and Danny first shared Breakfast where Danny is forced not only to confront quite a sleazy little French Escort and the realisation that Alex strayed.

Danny had told him to see other people, but his devotion to Alex had meant a longing hope that he had been true. Remembering a discussion on the beliefs of both men in soul ages Danny suddenly has an Epiphany about what the combination on the locked  cylinder might be.

With his success held quite literally in his warm hands he dashes to see Scottie and finds him in a terrible state, drunk as a Lord and deep in the depths of a depression so deep it is life threatening. Odd that, considering he had managed his illness successfully for thirty years without incident. Together they decide perhaps Scottie's medication has been tamper d with and so to be on the safe side, Danny procures some from a less than legal source and Scottie declares himself to the journey they have begun together, determined that pressures and fear will not alter their course, wherever it might take them.

Calling in his friend Claire again to persuade Alex's mathematical tutor to assist them in deciphering the formulae on the Lightning drive, Danny learns that she was was his  "beard" to hide his( at the time) illegal homosexuality from the world. Cementing a complex relationship, just less than lovers, much more than friends, they have been there for each other since their early twenties.

Professor Marcus Shaw played with taciturn emotionless dry demeanour by the wonderful Adrian Lester is tremendous. He thought Alex too special to demean himself with throw away things like society or love, that his work, so revolutionary , was the only life Alex should nurture is slowly forced to admit respect for nice guy Danny.

What has all the cloak and dagger been all about?  

What does the drive reveal? 

What had Alex discovered that resulted in his murder and the slow agonising destruction of Danny's life? 

Let us not forget that he has been purposefully infected with the HIV virus after all. Scottie is also a shadow of his former self. The answer is that Alex can now reveal every powerful man or woman on the planet in every lie and twisting of the truth they have ever made his formula can reveal lies and of course every powerful person has to some extent built their power on falsehood and untruths or half truths. No country can exist, no security be enforced if all the dirt can be laid bare after the application of mathematical equation.

Danny is summoned to the police station and told without any preamble he will not be charged. "They" have finished with him. Life will neve be the same though, reputation in tatters, life altered irreparably and forever looking over his shoulder.

The truth is our not so merry Foursome does not expect to survive long.  Meeting clandestinely at the strange cabaret Bar they frequentSadly this proves tragically true as in a cruel mirroring of the opening set piece, Scottie is passenger in a taxi he cannot escape and tells Danny to look for a note. He arrives at their woodland too late and the full extent of the danger he is in is starkly apparent.

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