Saturday, 26 December 2015

Who do think you are kidding BBC ... If you think old England could ignore the Dad's Army docu drama?

We're Doomed - The Dad's Army Story , was a light and frothy affair filled with Nostalgia for the sixties and a fun cast in the roles of the household names who were inhabitants of our living rooms for nine seasons. The fact that there a feature film in the offing too in 2016 proves that his perennial favourite has not lost it's charm.
John sessions plays Mainwaring and Arthur Lowe himself with a kind of restrained unease that is beautifully displayed by his physical constipation on set.  His difficulty with lines and unease with fellow cast members  was sensitively  handled  and I rather like the pairing of him with Julian Sands as John Le messurier. Sands is always valuable in a cast and he plays Wilson with a similar flittish impatience to the man he plays. Seeing ian Lavender's incomparable Pike mimicked was odd, but it worked admirably.

Roy Hudd plays Bud Flanagan who sings the title song, with the greatest of reverence. A truly sentimental moment in TV theme history.

The honest worry that it might be "too soon" for a wartime situation comedy in the sixties was dealt with and the finished product was well worth the wait. The pairing of Croft and Perry would prove fruitful and this behind the scenes show a Gem ,was one that fans of Dad's Army could enjoy before sitting down to an episode or two of the real deal.

Well done BBC Two!

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  1. Emma, I enjoyed this brief review... To my mind, nothing is funnier than British comedy. It has American sitcoms solidly beat! (I've never seen Aussie or NZ comedies... Although the Canadians are awesome...!)