Saturday, 23 January 2016

100 Code - Down the Rabbit Hole and digging deep for answers in the latest instalment.

We rejoin our intrepid heroes where we left them last week.  Serial murderer Patrick Backman has escaped, leaving an ominous message that there are more like him out there. This means of course that there are also going to be other, as yet undiscovered victims. To illustrate the point, the action cuts to a father; bound with a pile of plates on his back,the sounds of a screaming girl heard in the background. A  photo in the foreground indicates she is his daughter. The shot goes to the exterior, the plates smash and the screams stop abruptly.

Meanwhile Mikael warns his daughter to stay within phone contact, the case has left him edgy. His fears are founded as a hooded figure is watching her when she misses her bus. Thankfully her stalker is appointed by Dad to make sure she gets home safely. Unbeknownst to Micke his daughter's most pressing peril is the injuries she is inflicting upon herself, in her grief for her lost mum, she is self harming.

This episode was much more focused on the policing team.

Tommy is doing his best "River" impersonation ( check back on the blogs last year to see what I mean) and seeing visions or waking dreams about his Girlfriend. It is inferred he was unable to save despite his assertion that he would and so lives in guilt and drinks like a fish to dull the pain.

I am enjoying the chalk and cheese aspect of the relationship between the detectives Ebba and her partner.  At first I thought he was a tad creepy, but his interactions are strangely endearing, a lovelorn puppy begging for scraps from the flaxen haired ice queen and his jealousy  exacerbated by Andersson the rather supercilious third officer who is better looking and succeeds in making her smile with little to no effort.

Then we have the young Tec Team who are doing all the tracking and Internet research for them. The newest recruit is a callow youth with impulse control issues, but a whizz with the Dark Web! He roots out the email exchanges between the killer and his acolyte in record time.

 Mikael has grown to respect Tommy and his expertise in the area of serial killings, partially because Sweden has never seen them in any real capacity, but also I think, because he grudgingly likes the man, so he baulks against sending him back to NYC before the crime is solved. 

They trace Backman via his GPS to a deserted barn, but it is too late, he is dead.

We wonder at Mikaels's lack of attention to his boss Karin, but it soon becomes apparent that their relationship has not always been platonic and professional. He regrets the dalliance.  It coincided with his wife Emma's Death from leukaemia ,his remorse is palpable ,whilst Karin is keen to rekindle that side of their relationship.

The Owl imagary in the titles now become part of the plot it being the symbol of the shadowy group who appear to be responsible for the killings but with access to their interactions, the Police at least have a place to start in bringing them to justice.


  1. Yikes... Only for Ioan Gruffudd will I watch tv shows with murder every week! But your descriptions & ohot