Friday, 22 January 2016

Book Review : Seriously Mum, What's an Alpaca? Alan Parks

I picked this up as a Kindle Freebie, what good value!

Alan Parks and his lovely wife Lorna embark on the biggest adventure of their life, packing up the whole kit and caboodle to go to Spain and breed alpacas! Their initial trials and tribulations, including an ever widening menagerie of strays are documented in this, the first of a series.

I love a travel books and this is a really lovely one! The characters the Parks encounter in the remote area of Spain where they finally settle are vivid and amusing. Alan and Lorna themselves are exceptionally likeable folk and I was thoroughly engrossed by chapter three.

I  particularly enjoyed the little vignettes from the animals eye view... Amusing and sweet. A novel way to make this book a little bit different.

There is enough local colour and culture to keep the Armchair traveller thoroughly satisfied too. I love to read about the cultural differences in rural Spain. The festivals and celebrations described, made me hungry to visit.

Come Hell or (quite Literally ) High Water this couple battles the elements and language barriers, attending "Feria" until the early hours with Surly Spanish Farming Folk and being ripped off by expats.

If I have any minor grumbles, it is that Alan does tend to repeat his exposition a tiny bit from the end of a chapter into the next, but this might just be because this is being written from diary entry as source material. It is a tiny gripe and if he wants to labour those points, who am I to argue

All in all I  would strongly recommend this book and most particularly to fans of Gerald Durrell, whose Greek adventures are very evocative of this book. In fact once I have read the sequel I might just did out "My Family and other Animals" to read again. I can certainly do with the vicarious Sunshine. As I write the sky's are Grey and the air decidedly frigid! 

Light, well paced  and thoroughly readable, I was only to pleased to realise there are two more books to devour as this one ended ticked up this as a Kindle Freebie, what good value!

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