Thursday, 7 January 2016

Book Review : Why Not Me ? - Mindy Kaling

Reading this particular book seems a bit weird to me as I have never watched a single Episode of either The Office USA  or   The Mindy Project. I actually youtubed a few sneak peaks of the latter after finishing the book  that was recommended as the first of a joint  book club effort for 2016.

I can safely say that I like Mindy Kaling a lot more than her televisual namesake. Despite the fact it seems to have starred in the last series my favourite brooder "Reese from The Newsroom" Chris Messina, which should recommend to all.

Thus to the book...  I enjoyed it. It was light enough to be enjoyable, like the light froth on a cappuccino it lasts happily on the tongue for a moment or in the mind for a few minutes and I found the essayist style easy to dip into and out of. It was not ground breaking or as well written as some of the seminal comic actors of TV past and present, but  gripping enough to hold me until the last page.

She is it seems a great role model for well almost any woman, down to earth about almost every subject including health and beauty, fame  etc, but my absolute favourite part was that whereby she broke down every TV plot line to ever grace a studio's new programmes team. As someone who enjoys a classic plot done well. I do not mind a few loving copies, but when plots are rehashed annually or just displaced to another city to wring the last dregs of viewership, it sticks in my craw. She is on the button when she says TV execs need to be open to more risky projects!

I also found myself googling Noah Feldman, Law Professor and handsome guy at large ... Read the book to find out why... She was influential enough to prompt that, so we can class her as a Hollywood power player.

She is slightly potty mouthed and a little too blasé about tequila drinking in her car... Drink Driving may not have been cited but it is inferred,but Overall a solid  "quick read" if not high on my top ten best celebrity reads ever!

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