Saturday, 16 January 2016

Cracking Piracy Thriller from Martin Granger. Manila Harbour.

I have just Finished Manilla Harbour by Martin Granger.

A rip roaring romp with a real core of realism. I am a fan of thrillers, but modern Piracy had never really featured on my reading list. It  was not really until I watched Captain Phillips that the news stories I had been hearing about pirates on the modern oceans really began to resonate, so when it was gently suggested that  I read this, I was happy to comply. Not set in Africa ( which is where we see most of the new stories originate) as the title suggest this is is set in The Philippines and a great choice of setting it is.

Rather than précis the plot, which you can get from the Amazon Blurb and other reviewers, I just want to speak to the elements of this book that kept me compelled. Firstly the characterisation. I was happy to see that our main protagonists were rounded and utterly believable in the roles they inhabit, never clichéd and the kind of folk you want to follow into peril just to make sure "they got through"

The story is clever, I had worked out the twist pretty early, but that is no reflection on Mr Granger as a spinner of tales, sometimes the journey is much more important than the destination. The fact that much of the grounding of the adventure comes from real journalistic experience gives a clarity and a freshness that is often missing from more formulaic thrillers of this genre. 

The exotic setting gives the story another engaging hook and this would be a tremendous book to sit and read as waves lap against the shore on your next humid holiday abroad.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be seeking out " Oceans on Fire" very soon indeed.

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