Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Deutschland 83 Takes a Darker turn as,Martin see the extents to which he will be pushed.

The bug so artfully hidden by Martin/Moritz in the last episode is doing a tip top job until a stray vacuum cleaner sucks it up and opens up a veritable barrel of worms. Moritz is tasked with rooting out the leak, Linda, the secretary he has been seeing to obtain access to the NATO weapon’s expert is suspected.

Meanwhile the General’s family life is becoming even more irksome, spiteful tongued sister in law is still harping on about what she thought she heard on the telephone the night of the party and now that another party is looming and her inebriation is rising she is being obstreperous again. Yvonne  who Moritz befriended  when he went to bring her home from the commune is still under their thrall and her exuberant greeting of Moritz when he bumps into her on a night out less than impresses Linda,  she obviously is very attracted to Moritz. Which goes some way to explain his actions later.

Now that the leak is in the open , Moritz is given a stark choice. Forced to either turn or terminate Linda to hide his secret, Moritz almost lets her drown, but on saving her, emotions and gratitude make it easier for him to propose and tell his secret, that he works for the “BND “ and for a NATO Secretary she seems exceptionally unfazed by the revelation.

Questioned by NATO, Moritz is able to divert attention away from both himself and Linda by using the expensive desk gifted to her by Herr Mayer to make it seem he was the one who planted the device, but Linda has secrets of her own. She and Mayer had been lovers so she knows his commitment to the West and realises just what has been going on and that Moritz is actually a Spy for the East. She panics and runs from him , resulting in a chase through the forest. She clumps him across the head with a branch and so it is left to Handler to deal with her. Without even slowing the car, she is Run over. Moritz is coldly left to bury her body after she dies in his lap.

It seems the “Damn Communists” will stop at nothing , the episode ends in tragedy for more  than just Linda .

Moritz has  now passed a point of no return. His grief is expressed by seeking out Yvonne and partying with her. 

Meanwhile her Brother is embroiling himself more and more with the peace Movement and in turn with Svengali leader Tischbier  (and East German Agent) whose homosexuality both frightens and beguiles young Alex  whose showdown at Home with Colonel Edel results in a shouting match of epic proportions, poor Mum only a day after her Birthday gets a resounding slap meant for her son when she steps between them after calling his father a Nazi. On being thrown out, he ends up at Tischbier’s home and Alex succumbs to his allure.

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