Sunday, 17 January 2016

Flowers in Hell - Nordic Drama "100 Code" ramps up the intensity.

Our heroes are now  jointly committed to investigate the Asphodel murders.

Poor Tommy is really a bit of a wreck, this has become an obsession that is all consuming. He is drinking heavily and more concerning is the fact that his mind is conjuring up phantom girls in his bathroom.

The murderer strikes again, duping another jogger with his old man ruse, but before he can take the girl from the kidnap site, he is interrupted by a mountain biker. This leaves him with a change in his normal order of events, we see him "unearth" the first victim in his two girl kidnap process and speak. He is well versed in medications and obviously has easy access to needles and drugs.

The team have two suspects, a Dentist and Greek Mythology Professor and both are put under close surveillance. Both like the young ladies, with the professor fond of masks. Whilst Tommy and Mikael watch on as he seduces on of his young students, we learn a fair bit about these very different officers, why Mikael's wife's death has been the catalyst for his wanting to leave the Force,that for all his gruffness and moodiness, that Tommy holds a Christian Faith. Insight offered quickly but skilfully so we understand the men better.

A lighter scene where Tommy charms Mikael's seventeen year old daughter over breakfast with a discussion of the perfect quiche crust, causing Dad to gnash his teeth is a delight and I am sure will push the sales of Vodka sky high!

The stake out ends precipitously, when the suspect crashes into the street below onto a parked taxi. On searching the apartment they find a cornucopia of odd artefacts from stuffed monkeys to a Zeus Mask, who was a key player in the Greek legend that cites the Asphodel which suggests he is culpable. However Tommy is not fully convinced and the way the body fell suggests pushing  rather than self propelled flight.

They chase down the Dentist who has attempted to abduct another girl after a foot chase, he is cornered in a crashed car, impaled on iron rods, Tommy demands to know where the other girl is hidden, but this slippery snake has a cryptic message 

"There are flowers in Hell too" and whilst Tommy recovers from being blown  away from the wreckage when a petrol tank exploded, the killer dentist dupes his police guard to free his arm, he viciously murders him and escapes.

Again I was gripped by this Show the two leads have a wonderfully antagonistic chemistry, but it works and it is evident that a mutual respect is frowning despite their different methods and this is testament to the subtle way that Dom Monaghan and Michael Nyqvist play off each other. The  central relationship is good and the satellite characters are used just enough to keep things fresh. The scenery and wide shots are stunning!

This has kept me wanting more, always a good sign!

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