Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Seek out this Little a Gem on Facebook - " Forever & Ever"

Little bit of divergence from normal programming here, today I write about a fan driven Graphic Novel based on the former ABC show  “Forever”

Let me first state, graphic Novels are not my medium of choice, however THIS graphic “continuation” is well worth my putting aside my self imposed prejudice.

If you caught my interview with one of the Co Creators early in January, that gives a fair grounding of where this project evolved from and how it came about.

Now having been given  an encouraging thumbs up by show creator Matt Miller, the project has taken flight and is now in it’s second instalment.

Without revealing any spoilers :The story develops nicely from the simple but effective  start in Chapter One, the Morgan Family History is being fleshed out on the page. Where Miller had to link every scene in the past to places Henry had physically been present and was confined to only short flashback sequences that would point Henry to answers in the present day crime of the week, here Jeff and Brian have taken broader strokes to create a living, breathing history and context for our Hero and his family that allows loyal fans to walk alongside their favourite characters as we explore more than a weekly case,investigation and resolution could allow. 

I hope that The Morgan Mythology provides much treasure for the troving as the potential scope here, is almost bottomless!

It should not be underestimated as to how much work has gone into this piece. TV allows moving pictures to tell a story, A soundtrack  adding to mood and ambiance and timbre and emotion from the way actors deliver a line; give a story life. 

Here Jeff and Brian have created a great plot with the sparsest of  commodities- stills ,a great deal of affection for the Show as source material; a respect and enjoyment of History and a little sprinkling of the most important of ingredients - imagination.

Where normal Fan Fiction generally is subjective, travelling where  the individual wants to take the story of Henry Et Al,  this feels more like a project that truly honours the original vision of the Original writing team. Aiming to please the Shippers and the fan who was just along for the very enjoyable ride that “Forever” always gave us.

Yes Henry and Jo are given scope to explore “what might have been” had the ridiculously short sighted people at ABC not axed the show, but this is just natural progression rather than saccharine fan worship. Coupling characters seems to be all the viewer does in shows these days and I am pleased this has not become too fixated on that.

I like very much that events from the show are referenced so respectfully and I wish and hope this venture continues unabated for a long while to come!

Challenge: see how many costume dramas you can identify in the graphics used to illustrate this rather brilliant delving into the Morgan Family Tree!

The link for the chapter is shown below.

CHAPTER TWO OF FOREVER AND EVER: BACK TO THE BEGINNING: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.434256126771916.1073741833.428252187372310&type=3&ref=notif&notif_t=like

If you want to see Forever it is available on DVD in Canada and the USA and still available as a box set on SKY Go.

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