Monday, 11 January 2016

Things get more complex as Martin becomes more embroiled - Deutschland '83

Young East German recruit into the murky world of the Cold War Spy Game,Martin Rauch / Moritz Stamm has  got himself into a little bit of a pickle! 

Using his role as Aide De Camp for West German General, Wolfgang Edel at the  Bundeswehr. Martin is attempting to spy on the Americans at NATO on the deployment of Pershing II Weapon System missiles. Martin is tasked by an incredibly stereotypical agent  female agent to bug the room of the NATO representative. The only reason he is sticking around is to ensure his Mother is given a Kidney Transplant, the leverage his aunt is holding over him.

Things do not go to plan, after picking the lock to the room originally sourced to the VIP from NATO, the man graciously gives it over to the US general who has rather helpfully brought along an old colleague of the real Moritz Stamm and so whilst attempting to avoid the man who can expose his subterfuge, he needs to transfer a bug from one room to another. This he does relatively smoothly, but events rather go out of control in fast succession.

The General is being harangued by his wife who has twin problems, firstly the sister that had accidentally  happened across Martin on the phone to his girlfriend in the East is getting her memory back after a mislaid uniform button triggers a memory that the rohypnol  he dropped her has not erased. She wants Wolfgang told about what she overheard. Thankfully from Martin's viewpoint it seems that Yvonne, General Edel's daughter has become a member of the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh cult and Mum wants her home without delay, so Martin and his son are sent on an urgent mission to retrieve her and bring her home so as to prevent further nagging.

When brother Alex's heavy handed tactics fail to reap rewards, Martin's softer approach is much more effective and so she tearfully returns home, earning brownie points with Dad, meanwhile Alex is a secret Pacifist joining underground protest run (rather intriguingly) by the handler sent to supervise Martin's efforts in the West.

Martin can now return to the task at hand and get the NATO Report describing the plans of the Western forces to ward off Russia and thus endanger East Germany, but the code for the safe does not work  and so Martin has to force it open by unscrewing the side locks all at the risk of discovery at any moment! 

To compound his problems a beautiful Chinese secret Services Operative gives Martin quite the scare after breaking character as waitress as naked temptress in his bed and  giving him a fair old battling before escaping, but also providing the perfect scapegoat should it be discovered that the floppy disc from the NATO safe has gone astray.

In the closing minutes Martin starts a mild flirtation with no other than the NATO rep's beautiful Personal Assistant, one wonders what his next assignment will be ...


  1. I know nothing about this show, but it sounds like a comedy-drama? 😀

    1. There are comedic moments, but errs more on the Drama side.