Wednesday, 20 January 2016

This German Drama continues to be lots of fun! Deutschland 83

Our erstwhile hero Martin/Moritz is getting pretty darn good at this spy lark! Not only does he have his Superior completely in the dark about his true identity and origins, but he is getting exceptionally good with ciphers and secret Rendezvous with his Handler/Aunt in plain sight. As Aide De Camp, he gets an insight into what makes Major Edel tick and the Major rather  stupidly places himself in a position of gratitude by being caught, along with the US Military Delegate at the talks at Brussels; taking some ladies of dubious morals out on the town.

Told to seduce the PA for the NATO expert so that they might plant a bug in the office, he deftly ingratiates himself by feigning an interest in Art Deco and charms the young lady sufficiently to be able to get into her trust and her bedroom.

One of the most magical moments of the episode was the look of utter joy on Martin's face when he pops on the headphones of a Walkman and hears music through them. He is entranced! The East is severely lacking in technological advances as evidenced but the total unpreparedness of the Stasi for the floppy disc that will only play on a IBM computer. They manage to smuggle on across and then gave to navigate the file encryption.

Meanwhile things are getting very interesting back at home! Annette, Martin's unsuspecting girlfriend has moved in with Martin's sickly Mum and is hiding a pregnancy. She is ducking the attention of her colleague whilst realising that things are a bit more clandestine with a secret horde of forbidden western texts secreted in a secret antechamber in the cellar. Why she has so many would suggest secret Capitalist tendencies in Mummy Dearest whilst her son battles hard to keep the East safe from Russian Attack and Western German influence... What a tangled web we weave....!

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