Friday, 26 February 2016

Book Review : Refuge and Romance in this beautifully told story of Friendship set in Greece.

The Illegal Gardener (The Greek Village Book 1)

A cut above the normal newly Single Woman moves to village in Rural Mediterranean, fayre.

I strongly recommend this book as a gentle and humanising way to look at the current Refugee crisis without the of politicalisation of the issues that has left  Greece in  the centre of the current Migration crisis. Written before the current crisis exploded, it tells the story of Juliet and Englishwoman escaping a broken heart and England. She meets and befriends Pakistani  immigrant Aaman  whose struggles strike a chord with Juliet, his dignity in the face of supreme adversity, touches her and ultimately galvanises her to help him.

His Trauma as an illegal seemed a little sugar coated but that is me being ultra picky. He is painted vividly and the altruistic reason for his arrival in Europe is a great plot device. He is not cliched or stereotyped in any way, a very sympathetic character.

 This is afterall a love story of sorts set in a rural  Greek town, the first of a strong series  and it’s magical affect on two  rather lost souls. A beautifully evocative picture of Greece , the sights, the smells the feeling of a slower pace of life and a nice twist that the Love story is so subtly realised and realistically brought to a conclusion.

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