Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The Night Manager - tussles and Wire taps as this tremendous series continues!

I am loathe to comment on plot as I continue to watch The Night Manager with great enjoyment, I really want folk to experience it as I did on first viewing.

What I will say is that our greatest character actresses should start looking over their shoulders, Dench,Atkins,Smith and Mirren may be the Grand Dames and Julie Walters their handmaiden, but Olivia Coleman is set to come snapping at their heels. She is utterly riveting, her every utterance is offered with such integrity, her humour dry and her anger and frustration incendiary. In real life she is chaotic and laugh out loud hilarious but when she acts, she is locked into the part. 

In her role as Burr, a man in the original source novel, she is out to Nail nasty arms dealer Richard Roper. Her career has been spent trying to bring him down and here, Inthe shape of handsome Hotel Manager she finally has a real chance of scuppering him. Coleman is fabulous as she tries to recruit him,an everywoman but steely agent both at the same time. She is truly the most brilliant individual.

She gets a willing American to assist and Jonathan is thrust quite literally into a maelstrom of secrets and lies.

Tom Hiddleston  finally has a non Shakespearean role that shows the full  scope of his acting talent. The First Episode showed an upstanding Sandhurst man, the second a kind of villainous schemer with more of a facility for violence than we would enter have imagined.  His good looks making this descent down the twisty path into British Intelligence even more shocking.

His willingness to go whole hog into the operation leaves him deep within the Lion’s den. He will need his wits about him.

Hugh Laurie chews up the Scenery as evil Richard Roper. I cannot fault his performance, he is at once urbane and deeply ominous and even the pitch of his voice evokes a sense of impending doom. His Henchmen are nasty pieces of work, not least Corky played by Sunday Night Favourite Tom Hollander (see ITV’s Doctor Thorne too!) whose oozing threats are never far from the surface.

The second  Episode left me wanting more  and  I could not  wait to see the third, it does not disappoint  with secret texts, Rendezvous and  glamourous  locales and with the tension and twists ratcheting up to a great final few minutes.

strongly advise a binge watch of all three available episodes forthwith!

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