Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Forever Show favourites live on vividly in the continuing saga " Forever and Ever"

The stalwart fans of the ill fated  ABC Show “Forever” , have been without new episodes for some considerable months, but they have not been bereft of further tales of the intrepid immortal  medical examiner  Henry Morgan and his adopted Son, the witty, Wiley and just a little bit naughty, Abraham . 

That  central relationship was  the beating heart of the show and thanks  to the symbiotic efforts of “weaver of words” Jeff Sack and “imagery manipulator extraordinaire” Brian O’Marra, any true  fan of the show still has a whole raft of things  both familiar and freshly imagined; to get their collective teeth into.

The  Graphic Novel “Forever and Ever”  available through Facebook, is a  gift for fans driven by the fact that the potential for continuation of the stories of the crime fighting team of police and and Medical Examiners that intrigued viewers every week was just too huge to leave as a void in Foreverist's lives.

Tying up loose ends and creating a richer; more wide- ranging universe for Henry and the gang to inhabit , Brian and Jeff have succeeded in creating context and setting by using the past to punctuate the action in the present. 

The second half of the third Chapter of the novel  entitled “Reputations do not Tarnish Themselves ” is a tremendous confection of modern day crime investigation with Jo, Mike and the team doing what they do best, as they investigate the evil machinations of  Morgan Industries and also a well researched back story. Here we are treated to  more expansive Historical sequences than a forty five minute procedural was ever going to make possible and the richness this evokes is a joy for all fans of the show.

The” crime of the week”   is (dare I Say it?) more complex and twisty than even the efforts the  show writers gave us. This is thanks in part to the scope that a book style allows and it is obvious that this will be a sweeping story to keep ardent fans enthralled for some considerable time to come.

This second instalment has rather marvellous overtones of secret societies,a mysterious  Svengali figure, the passing  return of some familiar faces and plenty of medical elements for Henry to examine and comment upon in his own inimitable manner!

The beauty of the Graphical novel that Brian and Jeff have crafted is the true essence of the show; the parts  that fans loved are still front and centre but they are accentuated by the vignettes from the past.

Archivists and History Buffs are being treated to an ever burgeoning Family tree that is gradually unfurling it’s branches back towards the Good Doctor and seemingly  Jewish Son Abe,who viewers of the show already  know shares  a Scottish Heritage with his Adoptive Father.

 It is this plot device,  Abe's historical explorations that enable us to reach into the past with him and learn more about the Morgan family,whose trials and tribulations will ultimately shape Henry into the extraordinary man he is. He is immortal through chance, he is not a genius or a super hero; No he is, “but a man “ who gleans and learns from the good and bad experiences of the past to inform his present and hopefully propel him into a productive and fulfilling future.

It is a very effective hook and if this tale does not have you dashing to your nearest genealogy site to start a trawl into your own Family History, I will eat my three cornered hat and whip myself with a Cat’O’Nine-Tails!

The complexity of the story is a tribute to the obvious amount of affection and respect both men have for the source material. It is also a huge burden! The  amount of work needed for  both copy and image to be painstakingly rendered is a gargantuan undertaking and explains why  ( like all “popular” sagas of our age, Potter, Hunger Games et Al)  we needed chapter three in two instalments. This gives the reader time to digest a growing narrative that truly is becoming a History in the truest sense of the word.

Read Chapter Three part two here or  even better start the story from the very start, you will not be disappointed!

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