Saturday, 16 July 2016

Book Review: ARC Destined For A King. Ashlyn Macnamara

Thank you to the wonderful people at Random House and Loveswept  the publishers who gifted me this ARC of the first book of new series from Ashlyn Macnamara

The Bastard Brotherhood : Destined for a King. Published on September 6th 2016

I am new to Ms Macnamara work, but I am pleased as punch to have discovered her!

I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Fair warning it is a Adult Book, but the scenes are not overdone and despite some of the language being bawdy it does not grate on delicate sensibilities and is fitting in setting and genre.

As with all such fantasy romances I look out for certain things, strong mythology, characterisation that is believable and not formulaic or derivative and a rich narrative. I was happy on all counts. 

The world of ice castles and keeps, marauders, healers, evil kings and brave rebels is one I like very much. I wish there was more to get my teeth into in fact,as everything present tantalises the  pure fantasy geek in me,but this being a romance first and foremost, length requirements are obviously required.

I truly hope that the fantasy elements are ramped up in subsequent books, more Magick and Mayhem please!

The central pair are likeable and I was infinitely pleased to find a heroine in Calista who was not overly rebellious or bratty as can be the norm in these kinds of plots, she is an ordinary girl with some privilege through birth,thrust into a extraordinary circumstance. Her foil in Torch is a good one, he is neither truly rakish or roguish but instead a man set on a path not of his making with steely determination and a strong faith in his fate (even if it is tested !) I liked him immensely!

There are several potential pairing I see coalescing here and secretly hope that at  least two or three of my favourites get a strand of their own to inhabit.

I got a great kick out of the names of the motley band that Torch has about him, they convey so much and means less superfluous description which can often bog down a book of this nature with many "Fighting folk". Keeping  ranks and natures clear in one's head can be tiresome, but Ms McNamara has dealt with this marvellously, the name fits every single time!

I have no qualms in reccomending this book to all fantasy or Romance fans, I await the next with great anticipation!

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