Thursday, 21 July 2016

Book Review : The Keeper ( A Novella ) Dark deeds and Detection with a twist

An ARC copy of novella The Keeper. By Katrina Bowlin-MacKenzie

Thank you TBC and Katrina for this chance to read the story.
I enjoyed the story, I liked the idea very much, and it clipped along at quite some pace. I also very much liked the hero Ardan in  the story, but slightly bereft that having set up  Elle as the strong heroine who had survived great adversity we lost sight of her for so long in the length of the book. I found it strange that the story suddenly switched point of view so radically almost without any preamble, thus depriving the reader  of the chance to experience her ordeal alongside her which is also a shame as the actual investigation seemed to flow just a tad too tidily for me and some interspersion  with some of her storyline would have amped up the tension even further. 
The central peril  was written well and the dreams device kept the peril in the reader's eyeline at all times. However by introducing an actual supernatural entity into the book, I thought it should be present at it's culmination. It left me with questions.
I do have some other  minor quibbles, for a short story of this length it was slightly distracting  to have quite so much description of the private lives of minor characters, whilst I appreciate this may be a precursor to more in depth stories with this set of core characters, they seemed disproportionate to the story in hand.  

Trying to avoid spoilers , my only real gripe was the use of a certain term to describe an important character which  did not seem appropriate to me, there seemed to me at least, a  term that might have been more fitting given the circumstances  and my deliberation of that fact distracted me from what should have been the most tense part of the plot and I wonder if it might not do the same for other readers.. This  just an uneasiness with a writer's choice of word rather than a comment on the plot twist itself which was refreshing and definitely added a bit of variety to the plot.
Overall a diverting read that would encourage me to seek out this group of characters again

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